Letters: Enjoying The Bulletin; Walden helps horses; Trump’s scorecard; Socialist candidates

Enjoying The Bulletin I now live in Colorado and recently learned about the financial problems … Read more

Guest column: It’s time for oversight of the Bend park district

The Bend Park & Recreation District (BPRD) has its own taxing authority and is governed … Read more

Guest column: Manage the middle Deschutes for the public

On Jan. 31, the Deschutes River Conservancy announced that they had secured funding from Intel … Read more

Guest column: Oregon’s shady history with union dues

The Supreme Court held that public employees who object to paying fair share or agency … Read more

Letters: Graduation rates; Meet in Bend; Take climate action; Build it in Mexico

Good work from Bend schools Bend-La Pine Schools Superintendent Shay Mikalson and his staff (especially … Read more

Guest column: An open letter to Oregon lawmakers on clean energy jobs

I am writing to urge my community and my legislator’s support for the Oregon Clean … Read more

Letters: News priorities; No shutdown for walls; No pay for shutdowns; Mother Nature will have her say; Bend needs housing

News priorities Do not get me wrong, I agree “Dog doo on school grounds” is … Read more

Guest column: Hospital accrediting body and Congress still reckless

In 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported that The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital … Read more

Guest column: Stop the apartment complex

With regard to the Evergreen Housing/Brooks Scanlon 170-unit proposed apartment complex: Many citizens of Bend … Read more

Guest column: U.S. should fund a wall

I recently wrote my congressional delegation in support of a spending bill that includes funding … Read more

Guest column: Who is representing the folks in the middle?

The midterms are over, and we really need to ask; is no middle ground? The … Read more

Letters: Lower class size; Support the paper; Protect the children; Pass paid family leave

Lower class size The Bulletin’s editorial titled “Class size is just an expensive, unproven ‘fix’” … Read more

Guest column: Basin wildrye is a worthy symbol for Oregon

I read the Jan. 23 editorial lambasting the potential designation of a state grass and … Read more

Letters: Bend Council appointment; Sally Russell turned her back; Don’t pay Congress during shutdowns

Filling the Bend City Council vacancy I’d like to thank the City Council and Mayor … Read more

Guest column: Oregon Republicans should focus on solving Oregonians’ problems

As a Seattle Mariners fan and an Oregon Republican, losing is not unfamiliar to me. … Read more

Letters: Support Bend City Council change; We need more repentance; Don’t throw things from chairlift

Support Bend City Council change There are a number of community members who have been … Read more

Guest column: Moving forward after the Bend council selection process

Reflecting on the outcome of and reaction to last week’s Bend City Council appointment process, … Read more

Guest column: The defense of democracy

“All men are created equal”, is the most universally profound political ideal in history. Our … Read more

Letters: Mirror pond solution; Protect federal workers; The secret life of plants; Force a solution

Mirror Pond solution Mirror Pond dredging should not be funded by local electric customers. Increasing … Read more

Guest column: Solution to America’s current stalemate

So, here we all are living in a county that yearns for effective governance — … Read more

Guest column: Finding common ground

Deschutes County is politically drifting to the west side of the Cascade Range, so to … Read more

Letters: The value of cats; Improve Terrebonne traffic; More furloughs

The value of cats I’m writing in response to Bill Burley’s letter concerning working cats. … Read more

Guest column: In Oregon, it’s government by and for unions

For more than 30 years in Oregon, the governor’s seat has been filed with somebody … Read more

Guest column: Forest project will provide benefits

I feel compelled to respond to the guest column concerning Forest Service harvests on the … Read more

Letters: Don’t endorse incompetence; Punish Congress; Bag debate deteriorates

Don’t endorse incompetence The Bulletin reports that Bend businessman Sam Carpenter wants to become chair … Read more

Guest column: Committee bypasses the public in school name

As a longtime Bend resident, I am tremendously frustrated by the actions of the Bend-La … Read more

Letters: Nothing good about shutdown; A path to moderation; The need for Fox News?; Bad timing from Trump

Nothing good about shutdown This is an open letter to our president, our senators and … Read more

Letters: Danger at Wanoga; How to address Trump; Bad cats; Fight Alzheimer’s

Danger at Wanoga Last month, we planned our yearly excursion to Wanoga Sno-park for a … Read more

Guest column: Let Trump use the “Go Fund Me” page

This is the first year that I am making a resolution that I will be … Read more

Letters: Bulletin neglected important part of meeting; The flaws of reusable bags; Use care in redeveloping inn

Bulletin neglected important part of meeting Sen. Merkley’s Jan. 4 town hall was exhilarating, sobering, … Read more

Letters: Going bag-free; Don’t restrict forest access; Wildlife on the highway; Protecting the Ochocos

Going bag-free Thank you, Mike Fitzsimons of Redmond (Sat. Dec. 29 — “Bring your cart”) … Read more

Guest column: Winning the House was not enough

I am writing this letter to all the people who think their job is finished … Read more

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