Guest column: Protest injustice in a clear way

I have been reading for months about the unfair boycotting by teams of Colin Kaepernick … Read more

Letters: Show me the funding; No war on cars; Affiliation of submitters; Trump’s false statements

Show me the funding I read with great interest the guest column on July 24 … Read more

Guest column: Politics, good politics, is unselfish

Everyone matters to a good politician. When elected officials operate solely from the position of … Read more

Letters: Yea for yoga; Hypocrisy over Trump; GOP wants to rule; Car mess

Yea for yoga To the gentleman who wrote in a letter that he was appalled … Read more

Letters: Buehler should resign to run for governor; Williamson blocked important change in the law

Buehler should resign to run for governor I fully expected that Knute Buehler and his … Read more

Letters: Trump is no puppet; Provide more information about writer; Revolution at the BBQ

Trump is no puppet Is Trump a puppet of Putin, an impeachable offense? Let’s look … Read more

Guest column: COCC’s shuttering The Broadside is an attack on local journalism

I work at a newspaper, and I am the only person I know who went … Read more

Letters: Vote for McLeod-Skinner; Congress needs more like Walden; Bulletin should have covered immigration protest

Vote for McLeod-Skinner to serve all Oregonians Although the phrase “speaking truth to power” is … Read more

Guest column: Nathan Boddie should withdraw

When news broke in June that the Oregon House Democrats had withdrawn support of Dr. … Read more

Guest column: Health care leadership needed for a healthier Oregon

As a doctor, when someone comes to me for care, I do not ask if … Read more

Guest column: State should show discretion about day care complaints

Should the state tell parents when it has complaints about a day care? Like our … Read more

Letters: Good use of leftovers; Traditional values; When will we finally care?; Appeasing Putin; Boddie is sinking

Good use of leftovers After reading the article in the July 16 paper regarding the … Read more

Guest column: A reality TV nightmare

It took me a while but I think that I’ve finally figured out the Trump … Read more

Letters: Punishment, not yoga in jail; Trump appeases Putin; Time to remove Trump

Punishment, not yoga in jail Yoga in jail? Really? Deschutes County is providing yoga instruction … Read more

Guest column: Don’t shift responsibility from Boddie

People need to be held accountable for their actions and language and the way they … Read more

Letters: Trump is a success; Good decisions take time; Defending the right to farm

Trump has been a success Trump has largely fulfilled his promise to make America great … Read more

Guest column: Wanted: civility, kindness and respect

This is a response to the Guest Column written by Paul deWitt and printed in … Read more

Guest column: Bend parks honor tradition and keep up with growth

As we store our July Fourth decorations, our biggest community event of the year, we … Read more

Guest column: Support more statewide funding for CASA

A federal judge recently rejected the Trump Administration’s request to allow long-term detention of illegal … Read more

Guest column: Overreaction to unproven accusations about Nathan Boddie

The reflexive, knee-jerk rescinding of Democratic support for Oregon House District 54 candidate Nathan Boddie, … Read more

Guest column: Walden needs to revise fire protection bill

Another fire season has arrived, and with it comes a familiar anxiety for me and … Read more

Letters: Pardon was a ploy for votes; Open letter to Walden about Trump; A way to serve the county

Pardon a ploy for votes Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds of Eastern Oregon happened for … Read more

Letters: Friend of the harasser; Improper criticism; Oppose Trump; GOP becomes Trumpist

Friend of the harasser A recent Supreme Court ruling in a case (Epic Systems Corp. … Read more

Letters: Who is racist; Lost driving privileges; Guilty until proven innoncent; Headline was demeaning

Headline was demeaning On July 7, The Bulletin ran an article with a headline “Boddie … Read more

Guest column: Reflections on July 4th, civility and American pride

While watching the 4th of July parade in Bend, I was struck by the plethora … Read more

Guest column: Hey FIFA, stop making a joke of your great, great game

Here we go, soccer fans; we’re down to the final rounds of The World Cup, … Read more

Letters: Immigration blame game; No e-bikes on trails; Bad forest management

The blame game and immigration Where does the blame for allowing children to enter the … Read more

Guest column: Whites are going to be the minority

With all the vitriol about immigration, what do you say we at least share some … Read more

Letters: Vote in November; Is concern about immigration racist?; Immigrants come to work

Immigrants come to work Why would anyone make a difficult and dangerous journey to the … Read more

Guest column: Reclaiming the remote control

Yesterday after a particularly heated exchange of correspondence over political beliefs with a close friend … Read more

Guest column: Wallowa’s trail of tears

I recently returned from several days camping, hiking and fly-fishing in the Wallowa area of … Read more

Letters: How to fix immigration

Break down immigration issue It would seem to me that if the government really wanted … Read more

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