Guest column: Recognize Medal of Honor recipients

The United States Congress created “National Medal of Honor Day” in 1990. It is always … Read more

Guest column: Diseases prevented by immunization are a public responsibility

Oregon House Bill 3063 proposes to close the “philosophical exemption” loophole in our childhood immunization … Read more

Letters: La Pine article ignored the good; Disappointed in La Pine story; Improve roofs; Protect and defend; Withdraw U.S. support

Article ignored the good The recent article about health and La Pine has my blood … Read more

Guest column: Don’t turn back on medical progress

Last week a major new study yet again confirmed there is no connection between the … Read more

Guest column: Remove non-medical vaccine exemption

Since Edward Jenner’s development of the first effective vaccine in 1796, to prevent smallpox, medicine … Read more

Guest column: Don’t gag Title X family planning funding

I am your neighbor, and have been a registered nurse for 49 years. I love … Read more

Guest column: Mosaic Medical makes Central Oregon a better place

This fall, I was invited to join the Mosaic Medical board of directors. Little did … Read more

Guest column: Don’t ignore the evidence on La Pine health

I grew up in Central Oregon. I was born at St. Charles in Bend, and … Read more

Letters: Don’t make us wait for spring; Support clean energy jobs; Legislators should pay fines; A significant land package

Support clean energy jobs HB 2020 is active before our state Legislators. They should vote … Read more

Guest column: Drug importation is not the solution to prescription drug costs

State lawmakers are tired of waiting on their federal counterparts to act on prescription drug … Read more

Letters: Support a carbon tax; Change the status quo; Remember the past

Support a carbon tax There is a lot to love in Representative Walden’s guest column … Read more

Guest column: The trim tab effect and the climate

During a recent dinner conversation over the issue of climate change, an acquaintance expressed her … Read more

Letters: Avoid plowing on to sidewalks; Plow to the center; Don’t burden struggling families; Fix ice dams

Avoid plowing onto sidewalks My suggestion is when the city of Bend plows snow in … Read more

Guest column: Carbon tax is feel-good folly

The great economist Thomas Sowell said: “Much of the social history of the Western world … Read more

Guest column: Bend council got appointment wrong

The city of Bend government is in crisis. The most egregious act against democracy in … Read more

Letters: Support Helt’s immunization bill; Border is not secure; Clear bike lanes

Support Helt’s immunization bill We laud Cheri Helt’s sponsorship of House Bill 3063, which removes … Read more

Guest column: Oregon’s children need help

The challenges I experienced in childhood were mild compared to what some children in our … Read more

Letters: Make a difference; Be informed; The wall; Bike lanes

Make a difference The recent guest column on helping reduce suicides in Central Oregon was … Read more

Guest column: Close encounters of the best kind in Bend

A curmudgeon no more — it’s impossible to be so when living here. I was … Read more

Letters: The first golfer; Opposing the gag rule; Leave climate change out of it

The first golfer I’m guessing the majority of us who hunt and fish enjoy a … Read more

Guest column: Thank you, Mr. President

Thank you, Mr. President, over the last two years of your unique, unconventional, administration there … Read more

Letters: A welcoming church; Bend plows need snow gates; Don’t be silent about abortion

A welcoming church Friends: There are some in our community who have been following the … Read more

Guest column: Take America back from Trump

The complete and utter failure of the Trump administration to “protect and defend,” as is … Read more

Guest column: Help reduce Central Oregon suicides

We have one of the highest suicide rates in Oregon, and it continues to increase, … Read more

Letters: Change Catholic tradition; Climate change is real; Better than a wall; Protect the chimps; Get serious about speed

Change Catholic tradition Last week the Vatican held a summit on clerical sex abuse. It … Read more

Guest column: Shutdown brought savings issues to light

The government shutdown dominated headlines for much of the new year, and the news media … Read more

Guest column: Time to refresh Bend’s vision

By purposeful intent or serendipity each of us has ended up living in one of … Read more

Guest column: Use the forests, don’t let them burn

In a Guest Column on Dec. 13, by Erik Fernandez appears to take issue with … Read more

Guest column: The end of Trump’s wall

From the early days of the Trump presidency, I wondered how long it would take … Read more

Letters: Park district helps affordable housing; Cooperate and compromise; Walden is not doing enough

Park district helps housing The Bend Park & Recreation District successfully managed and enhanced our … Read more

Guest column: Finding common ground for farmers, food and fish

In today’s acrimonious political climate, it’s rare to read stories about public and private entities … Read more

Letters: Thank you Ron Wyden; Unions are strong, honest; No national emergency

Thank you, Ron Wyden I would like to thank Sen. Wyden and his fellow Energy … Read more

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