Letters: Act on climate change; Bethlehem Inn improves Central Oregon; Children don’t get to choose

Act on climate change I want to address one aspect of Paul deWitt’s letter concerning … Read more

Guest column: Don’t undermine protections of endangered species

The Trump Administration’s new rule to make economic considerations more important in endangered species listing … Read more

Guest column: The unsatisfiable environmentalist

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth has 11 years … Read more

Guest column: Human activity contributes to global warming

Currently, modern science is being deconstructed and devalued. Consider the issue of climate change. For … Read more

Letters: No scooters for Bend; Need for wilderness restrictions; Thank a caseworker

Scooter troubles not needed in Bend I am commenting on this article originally published in … Read more

Letters: Mule deer decline; Cougars and mule deer; Ineffectual leadership hurts education; The real border problem

Mule deer decline Recently, I read your article that basically said there is drastic decline … Read more

Guest column: Sign up for the Chamber’s Lifetime Leaders

Let’s suppose you’re Cyndi DeSoto. You’ve recently relocated to Bend from Seattle where you enjoyed … Read more

Guest column: The Bulletin and climate hysteria

I am pleased to know that the new owners of The Bulletin, in the words … Read more

Letters: Fight Alzheimer’s; Bend’s decline; Don’t head it

Fight Alzheimer’s I am committed to living in a world without Alzheimer’s Disease. Are you? … Read more

Guest column: Get serious about protecting Crooked River Ranch

Last January, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden introduced H.R. 524, the Crooked River Ranch Fire Protection … Read more

Letters: Fix the death penalty; Parking change required; Enforce the laws

Fix the death penalty The Oregon Legislature recently approved a bill to narrow the aggravated … Read more

Guest column: Parties are pulling the strings of democracy

Donald Trump’s regressive presidency has spurred reform at the state level on nearly every subject … Read more

Letters: Factors for parents to consider; Eggs are not a necessity; Redmond pickleball debate

Factors for parents to consider In an otherwise superb article on Aug. 10 about options … Read more

Guest column: Don’t let pickleball hurt Redmond tennis

As the tennis coach for Redmond High girls tennis, I would like to address the … Read more

Letters: Stand up to Trump; Teaching the wrong lesson; Walkout was wrong; Lives more important than guns

Stand up to Trump My response to letter from Rep. Walden, I appreciate your concern … Read more

Guest column: Universal health care — how do we get there?

As we head into the 2020 presidential campaign, the No. 1 issue for most of … Read more

Letters: Raise your voice; Get out of NRA’s grip; Signal when leaving roundabouts; Accessibility shouldn’t mean ‘easy’

Raise your voice I have no numbers, facts, stories, or additional information to add about … Read more

Guest column: ‘My Way or the Highway’ is not collaboration

It is easy to label alternative points of view as uncooperative, when in fact they … Read more

Letters: Protect cold streams; Forest Service must want change; Mueller a sell-out

Protect cold streams Recently our local chapter of the Great Old Broads for Wilderness was … Read more

Guest column: Help clean up the Deschutes River

As the new executive director at the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council (UDWC), I attended my … Read more

Letters: Transparency at OSU-Cascades; New Bulletin owners; Kaepernick and Nike; Who negotiated?

Transparency at OSU OSU-Cascades and transparency: Those two words are not in sync on the … Read more

Guest column: BLM proposes flawed plan for public land

A fall hunt highlights opportunity to comment on a proposed plan to manage 4.6 million … Read more

Guest column: Fred Meyer should close its pay gap

Today women only earn 79 cents for every dollar made by men, and for women … Read more

Guest column: Keep Salem from becoming like D.C.

Rarefied air used to fill the halls of the Oregon State Capitol. The high ceilings … Read more

Letters: Walden did not do enough; Not so much has changed; No place for Boquist in Legislature; Boquist should be expelled from the state Senate; Carry a pooper scooper

Walden did not do enough Rep. Greg Walden issued a statement that he thought the … Read more

Guest column: President Trump puts patients in control

A few years ago, my doctor recommended a routine heart exam. I would be paying … Read more

Guest column: Why Bend’s bag ban matters

Recent editorials published in the The Bulletin objected to the city ordinance to ban single-­use … Read more

Letters: Tipping craziness; Preparedness in jeopardy; Hoping for The Bulletin; Don’t go easy on Boquist

Tipping craziness The Bulletin’s recent article about tipping reveals an idiocy that is becoming “normal.” … Read more

Guest column: Two bad city decisions: Juniper Ridge and bag ban

I read with interest your article about the Juniper Ridge area. I could not help … Read more

Guest column: Bipartisan accomplishments highlight legislative session

When I ran for the Legislature, I pledged to be an inclusive and independent voice … Read more

Guest column: The Bulletin needs more objective sources for its news stories

As a subscriber and frequent contributor to The Bulletin, I appreciate the fact that it … Read more

Letters: A revenue fix; Legislative walkout; Right to scuttle climate bill; Comment on federal rule change; A trip to the happy mountain

A revenue fix For the week ending June 22, 1944, in the “Yesteryear” section of … Read more

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