Guest column: Oregon shouldn’t get its drugs from Canada

As neighbors in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Oregon have much in common. We once … Read more

Letters: Disclose taxes; Allow flexibility with licenses; Don’t pipe canals; Bad cartoon

Disclose taxes Sen. Fred Prozanski sponsored Senate Bill 594 and the summary of this bill … Read more

Guest column: Impeachment or not for Donald Trump?

I read the Mueller Report. It is not really 400 pages as nearly one-half of … Read more

Letters: Vote for Dholakia; Melissa Dholakia for schools; Support Melissa Dholakia

Melissa Dholakia for schools As an entrepreneur focused on launching, building and scaling pioneering companies, … Read more

Guest column: ‘Tis the season to waste water

Hardly a day goes by without an article in the paper or our online news … Read more

Guest column: The Electoral College does work

Recent guest letters, guest columns and editorials have argued the merits of dissolving the Electoral … Read more

Letters: Support justice reform; Medical aid in dying; Prevent child abuse; Do the math

Support justice reform One who commits a crime must be accountable. The method of accountability … Read more

Letters: Why vote?; Ariel Mendez for Bend school board; Melissa Dholakia for Bend school board

Why vote? The impetus for this letter is due to an incident which occurred a … Read more

Guest column: Vote for Andy High as a proven school leader

Andy High has been an exceptional board chair of Bend-La Pine Schools for the past … Read more

Letters: Goodrich for schools; Vote Andy High; Elect Shimiko Montgomery; Facts of Mueller investigation

Goodrich for schools Liz Goodrich would make an excellent Redmond School Board member. Liz was … Read more

Guest column: Vote Mike Way for Bend schools

To the voters of Bend-La Pine Schools, It has been a very busy time in … Read more

Letters: Reelect Ray Miao; Support Bob Bengston; Vote Ray Miao; Elect Shimiko Montgomery

Reelect Ray Miao In the upcoming election, I encourage you to vote Ray Miao to … Read more

Guest column: Ariel Méndez: Park district enriches lives and health

A few weeks ago, a soccer parent shared with me that someone close to them … Read more

Letters: Montgomery for schools; Elect Skidmore; Vote for Skidmore; Support Redmond center

Montgomery for schools The May 21 special election is here, and with it the opportunity … Read more

Guest column: The five myths of PERS reform

Last week’s education rallies raise important questions about our K-12 education system. Despite years of … Read more

Letters: Support Redmond rec center; Vote for Shimiko Montgomery for Bend schools; Elect Caroline Skidmore to Bend school board

Support Redmond recreation center As a 20-year Central Oregon resident who moved from Alaska when … Read more

Guest column: Lack of child care is hurting families and businesses

Central Oregon’s child care shortage means lost opportunities for families, employers and our economy. Employers … Read more

Letters: Ariel Mendez for Bend park board; Shimiko Montgomery for Bend schools; Shimiko Montgomery deserves your vote

Ariel Mendez for Bend park board I’m writing to support Ariel Mendez for Bend Park … Read more

Letters: Vote Skidmore for schools; Skidmore for school board; Support Redmond rec center; Skidmore stands out

Vote Skidmore for schools I would love The Bulletin to support Caroline Skidmore in her … Read more

Guest column: Three fundamental problems with business tax hike

The Oregon Legislature is considering, and as I write this, likely to pass, a bill … Read more

Letters: Vote Shimiko Montgomery; Legislature should invest in schools; Our schools need more money

Vote Shimiko Montgomery I am single parent of two Bend-La Pine elementary school children, I … Read more

Guest column: Caroline Skidmore for Bend-La Pine Schools

Thank you to The Bulletin editorial staff for pointing out that I would make “voters … Read more

Guest column: Shimiko Montgomery for Bend-La Pine School Board

As a candidate for the Bend La-Pine School Board, I’ve had the privilege to talk … Read more

Guest column: Depleting SAIF will jeopardize prosperity in rural Oregon

Local businesses are the job engine of Oregon’s economy. Our long-term prosperity is dependent on … Read more

Guest column: Common-sense reforms reduce crime and save taxpayers money

As the federal government and states across the country move to right-size their prison systems … Read more

Guest column: Time to invest in public education

As members of Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors and graduates of Oregon public schools, … Read more

Letters: Vote for Skidmore; Miao for fire district; Election history; Fix the intersection; Left, right or just right?

Vote for Skidmore Caroline Skidmore is the right choice for the Bend-La Pine School Board. … Read more

Letters: Vote for Johnny Corbin; Support Ray Miao; Money for the future

Money for the future Progress in the conversation about school funding will be made when … Read more

Guest column: Remove the silt from Mirror Pond

I am writing about the removal of silt from Mirror Pond. Based on my extensive … Read more

Letters: Vote for Ray Miao; Vote against Redmond taxes; Give us a true democracy; Re-elect Andy High

Give us a true democracy In his guest column dated April 26 Paul deWitt is … Read more

Letters: Keep it down; Walden should speak out; Use of plastic bags; Stick to facts; Problems with burns

Keep it down On April 20, there were a half a dozen very loud explosions … Read more

Guest column: Protect Central Oregon’s historic canal system

Within the city limits of Bend, we are blessed to have inherited the iconic Deschutes … Read more

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