Guest column: Medical professionals deserve our thanks

Thanks to the extraordinary skill, professionalism, and care of the staff at St. Charles Bend, … Read more

Guest column: Will the public’s money fix our roads?

Every city communication for the 20-year transportation plan claims the city’s projects will address the … Read more

Guest column: President Donald Trump must go

In response to Maralyn Thoma’s letter, she called Donald Trump “a duly elected president,” forgetting … Read more

Guest column: We call all help reduce traffic congestion

Survey after survey shows that traffic congestion as our community’s No. 1 concern. And folks … Read more

Guest column: Walton Lake obstruction comes at expense of forest health, public safety

As Michael Kohn reported in The Bulletin, the Ochoco National Forest has long sought to … Read more

Letters: Baffling signs; Not the president I want to lead; The long nightmare

Baffling signs I have lived in Bend for five years and I frequently find the … Read more

Letters: Save Oregon’s rivers; The crisis is in personal responsibility; Bias against President Trump; William Barr is not right about religion

Save Oregon’s rivers The Bulletin’s recent article regarding protection of Wild and Scenic Rivers is … Read more

Guest column: Disability rights began with veterans

That’s how the federal government first launched its efforts to help people with disabilities find … Read more

Guest column: Residential fire sprinklers can save lives

Bend Fire and Rescue is grateful to The Bulletin for the recent editorial, “Should Bend … Read more

Guest column: What about water quality in the Habitat Conservation Plan?

Last June, Portland General Electric released a comprehensive, multiyear water quality study of Lake Billy … Read more

Guest column: Bipartisan hope emerging on climate change

As impeachment proceedings ratchet up the partisan tension in Washington, there’s still hope that progress … Read more

Guest column: The climate does change and always will

My compliments to The Bulletin for presenting both sides of the global warming debate in … Read more

Guest column: Initial progress on opioids, but work remains

A year ago, Republicans and Democrats worked together to pass the nation’s most historic effort … Read more

Guest column: Imagine there was less myopic divisiveness

Technically since I’m still a registered Republican I receive mailings and phone calls to support … Read more

Guest column: Plan now to protect the Ochocos

Love it or hate it, the wilderness permit system for parts of the Central Cascades … Read more

Letters: Rent control was not enough; Feed the birds or not; Save the salmon; Not the cougars

Legislature’s rent control was not enough I for one, am not happy with the recent … Read more

Guest column: What is wrong with the Oregon Republican Party?

The Oregon Republican Party (ORP) has undergone a significant upheaval in 2019. This was precipitated … Read more

Guest column: The critical need to improve literacy in Oregon and what you can do

State test scores released last month by the Oregon Department of Education show that 54% … Read more

Guest column: Listening and learning on the Bend City Council

My introduction to Bend politics was my appointment to the City Council amid a controversy … Read more

Guest column: The complications in global warming

It has been only about 14 years since Al Gore frightened the world’s kids with … Read more

Letters: Stop trying to oust Trump; The NRA’s role; Incentivize water savings

Stop trying to oust Trump The Democrats (and some unnamed Republicans) have been trying to … Read more

Guest column: Take the time to learn about Zellweger syndrome

On June 7, 2019, on the floor of our living room, I held my 7-month … Read more

Letters: Manure fuel is not an answer; Bulletin and bias; Settled science

Manure fuel is not an answer Fossil fuels and agribusiness are joining forces to promote … Read more

Guest column: Oregon creators deserve the CASE Act

As photographers who have lived and worked in the state of Oregon for decades, we’ve … Read more

Guest column: Cities and counties should be able to set their own rent control

The time is now to abolish the law that prohibits Oregon counties and municipalities from … Read more

Guest column: Oregon needs campaign finance reform

Life, liberty and property. All are essential. All are protected by the Constitution. All are … Read more

Guest column: When feeding wildlife does more harm than good

Since the publication in The Bulletin of an article regarding the efforts of some Bend … Read more

Guest column: Don’t ban a whole class of guns

Beto O’Rourke at a recent debate said, “We will take away your AR-15.” This is … Read more

Guest column: Global climate change: just another topic to yell past each other

I read with interest and disappointment two recent Guest Columns on climate change, one printed … Read more

Letters: Listen to the experts; Biased against Trump; Learn about the past

Listen to the experts Mr. Paul deWitt, in his recent letter lamenting “climate hysteria” and … Read more

Guest column: Federal funding a win for local farmers, fish and wildlife

Five years from now, stream flows in the Deschutes River Basin may look more like … Read more

Letters: Require disclosure; The water belongs to us; Reducing festivals; Parks and churches

Require disclosure As recent arrivals to Bend, (although with a lengthy prior history) and new … Read more

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