Guest column: Don’t ignore the racism around you

Wake up, Oregon: Systemic racism exists in this country, and it exists here in Bend … Read more

Guest column: Hide from a shooter or toss and tackle?

Noblesville, Indiana; Santa Fe, Texas; Ocala, Florida; Lexington Park, Maryland; Parkland, Florida. All are sites … Read more


Recycling guide Thanks for the recent article on recycling. It’s worth paying attention, as well, … Read more

Guest column: Is climate change a national security risk?

The Central Oregon Military Officers Association of America at its recent dinner meeting heard from … Read more

Guest column: Improving federal forest management still key to helping rural Oregon

The Bulletin recently reported that Oregon can become a global leader in the development and … Read more

Guest column: Support Knute Buehler for governor

It’s no fun being a political moderate these days. You are constantly attacked by both … Read more

Guest column: Increase Oregon wilderness areas

No one can dispute that Central Oregon is growing. The impact is being felt in … Read more


Helt doesn’t offer enough I was confused by Cheri Helt’s recent guest column. Her column … Read more

Letters: Vote in November; Piping motivation; Bad news judgment; Where the art comes from

Piping motivation The canal companies are being forced to look at their water delivery systems … Read more

Guest column: Congress needs to reauthorize conservation fund

Recently, I had the opportunity to carry our voices from the edge of the Cascades … Read more

Guest column: Restricting driving may save more lives

Dear Oregon Legislators, What is all this talk about regulating “assault weapons”? What is an … Read more

Guest column: Forest Service fails to properly confront weeds

I recently attended a presentation on invasive weeds by a representative of the Deschutes National … Read more

Guest column: Children need CASA

The case of Bradley Thomas, the child who was found in the woods after being … Read more

Guest column: Leadership and changes needed to protect schools

No parent ever forgets the first time you send your child off to school — … Read more

Letters: Parkway free-for-all; Bend’s exclusive future; Questionable priorities

Bend’s exclusive future New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall quantifies expensive housing prices in San … Read more

Guest column: Growth threatens future of Bend

What will Bend be like in 2030? If present growth trends continue, very little like … Read more

Letters: Add walk-in trail permits; Why cover Stormy Daniels?; Park district lets public down on Mirror Pond; Don’t shelve rape kits

Add walk-in trail permits I was pleased to see The Bulletin’s excellent coverage of the … Read more

Letters: A new Senate low; High cost of cameras; Taxing sugary beverages

A new Senate low Just when one thinks the Senate cannot reach a new low … Read more

Guest column: Federal government needs to take action on guns

How many is too many? The tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas, is No. 22 in … Read more

Guest column: Oregonians need protection from drug costs

My name is Ann Neilson, and I’m from Madras. I’ve lived in Madras for almost … Read more

Guest column: Pass bill for collaborative forest work

As another wildfire season approaches, we could all use a little assurance that efforts are … Read more

Guest column: Fix gerrymandering, campaign finance and primaries

American politics are a rough-and-tumble affair. That said, developments in our lifetimes have made the … Read more

Letters: Pave Bend’s dirt roads; Time for medicine; No more gun laws; Protect gun rights

Pave Bend’s dirt roads Forcing the handful of remaining city residents on unpaved roads to … Read more

Guest column: Trump should be treated fairly

Information presented by Fox News the past few weeks is quite disturbing. And what is … Read more

Guest column: Bend crime lab removing rape kit backlog

The Bend Forensic Lab is working hard to remove the rape kit backlog. Sexual assault … Read more

Guest column: Who should pay for irrigation canal piping?

Central Oregon irrigation districts have spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars piping their canals. … Read more

Guest column: The science is not up in the air on global warming

My daughter, Kristy J. Kroeker, is an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at … Read more

Guest column: Install cameras in the classroom

We hear of physical violence and shootings in our schools with increasing frequency. But another … Read more

Guest column: Slow growth of Bend and tourism

We have enough breweries which use a lot of water and overwhelm our sewers. Do … Read more

Letters: Support Tammy Baney, Re-elect DeBone; Vote for DeBone; Protect the environment; Reduce animal suffering

Editor’s note: It’s unlikely we have any more room for new submissions of primary-related letters. … Read more

Letters: Stop the negative ads; Vote Tony DeBone; Editorial was wrong on bag ban; Keep the Land and Water Conservation Fund; Wasted art

Editor’s note: It is unlikely that we have room for more election-related letters before the … Read more

Guest column: Support Ed Barbeau’s vision to improve Deschutes County

I thought I’d reach out to you personally with a message of hope for the … Read more

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