Guest column: The Bulletin needs more objective sources for its news stories

As a subscriber and frequent contributor to The Bulletin, I appreciate the fact that it … Read more

Letters: A revenue fix; Legislative walkout; Right to scuttle climate bill; Comment on federal rule change; A trip to the happy mountain

A revenue fix For the week ending June 22, 1944, in the “Yesteryear” section of … Read more

Guest column: A quorum and the walkout of the Republicans

The just-completed legislative session saw the Senate Republicans walk out twice, denying the Senate a … Read more

Guest column: Kate Brown’s Donald Trump moment

If I were to tell you that Kate Brown and Donald Trump hold similar views … Read more

Guest column: Socialism versus capitalism and the media

The election cycle has been as disgusting as I’ve seen in all my years of … Read more

Letters: Lincoln comparison falls flat; Knopp escapes responsibility; No bag ban; Stop Bend’s excessive growth; Thank God for Trump

Lincoln comparison falls flat The Bulletin has compared the current Senate GOP walkout (their second … Read more

Guest column: One year after Janus government unions prolong the inevitable

It has been one full year since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Janus … Read more

Letters: Better iPad supervision needed; Don’t resist health care choice; Congress should compromise; Fix the dirt roads

Better supervision needed I found the article in The Bulletin concerning iPads used at Bend-La … Read more

Guest column: Job outlook for college graduates… is college worth the time and money?

Why do students shell out tens of thousands of dollars per year at colleges? So … Read more

Guest column: What it means to be a junior water right holder

This is my 50th year farming in Madras. I’m the son of an Idaho farmer … Read more

Guest column: Alcohol and Central Oregon’s summer do not need to mix

The sight of taps at a communitywide event or a reveler sipping an adult beverage … Read more

Guest column: Our children are leading on climate change

Several Fridays this spring, local high school students protested climate crisis inaction by our nation’s … Read more

Guest column: Clean Energy Jobs a win for utility customers

As a volunteer leader with the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB), I strongly support House … Read more

Guest column: Saving Mirror Pond and dam safety

This last April I contacted the Oregon State Dam Safety Engineer to request a change … Read more

Guest column: President Trump is delivering results on drug prices

Just over a year ago, President Donald Trump and his health secretary, Alex Azar, stood … Read more

Letters: Improve family medical leave; Crack down on campus parking; Don’t kill deer

Improve family medical leave Family comes first. I hear this so often from the pulpit, … Read more

Guest column: We’ll be grateful for wilderness permit system

A permit system is coming to some popular trailheads in the central Cascades. The road … Read more

Letters: Sheriff Nelson did what was needed; Campus parking editorial was right; Oregon should not undo the Electoral College

Sheriff Nelson did what was needed It was disappointing to read The Bulletins critical assessment … Read more

Guest column: Oregon needs to pass campaign finance

At the end of March, Bend’s Republican Sen. Tim Knopp put forward Senate Joint Resolution … Read more

Guest column: Collaboration on water is harder than picking a fight

Farmers and ranchers are often targeted by well-meaning individuals and groups who don’t quite appreciate … Read more

Guest column: Giving driver’s licenses to illegal residents will improve road safety

When we travel, we want to believe all drivers are licensed, that they passed an … Read more

Guest column: Don’t dictate what women should do with their bodies

Recently The Bulletin published a letter to the editor regarding restrictive abortion bans being signed … Read more

Guest column: Electoral College is undemocratic, archaic

If, as Dennis Dietrich wrote in a recent column here, the Electoral College works as … Read more

Letters: RVers are not always homeless; Make return of carbon money per capita; Investigate sheriff’s chase; Funding for Parkinson’s

RVers not always homeless My letter refers to The Bulletin article dated Sunday May 26 … Read more

Guest column: Bend needs to spend on infrastructure

In the June 1st Bulletin, a front-page story appeared regarding the city of Portland’s Transportation … Read more

Guest column: Wildfire Act would mean better forests

In summer 2017, the air in Sisters was choked with smoke as the adjacent forest … Read more

Guest column: A Thomas Jefferson manifesto

We proud, diverse and patriotic Americans bear witness to the certainty that our country’s world … Read more

Guest column: Why are Democrats trying to destroy our republican form of government?

For over half a century there has been a relentless assault by the left on … Read more

Letters: Poor voter participation; Corbin’s behavior; Promote wilderness; The good and the frustrating

Poor voter participation I have lived in Bend for some 40 years. People here are … Read more

Guest column: The limits of the current electoral system

I read the guest columns by Chris Gardner and Paul DeWitt arguing for abolishing or … Read more

Letters: A modest proposal; Pay prevailing wage; Make prevailing wage the law

A modest proposal Let’s make Bend a deer-free zone. After all, there is plenty of … Read more

Letters: Require prevailing wage; Sediment is not Bend’s fault; Don’t use abortion as birth control

Require prevailing wage My father was an oil worker and union rep for 40 years. … Read more

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