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Stop prescribed burns

The people of Deschutes County need to wake up. We are being forced to endure these prescribed burns daily. I got caught in the smoke again recently and could hardly breathe. We need to consider the negative aspects of these burns along with the positive. Central Oregon is already way down the air quality list from fires, auto exhaust, etc.

Everyone knows we have severe fire seasons here and how bad the smoke we breathe is when they come. These prescribed burns do the same thing. When a firestorm breaks is the prescribed burn really going to stop it? I doubt it. Yet here we are breathing the smoke already. It’s killing us one way or the other, not to mention who would want to come here to visit and breathe this stuff. At least we should be able to vote on it. In my opinion whoever is prescribing these burns should have their head examined.

Joseph Tarantino


Questionable reasoning of vaccination opponents

As reported by The Bulletin, the comments attributed to Republican lawmakers made against House Bill 3063, which limits refusing school required immunizations to medical reasons, have a double irony.

First is the public health reality that much of the recent measles resurgence is a result of anti-­vaccination sentiment. Not only do the voluntarily nonimmunized place themselves at risk, but also those nonimmunized who are too young, too old or immune-compromised

The second irony is the passionate mantras describing the bill as “a broad governmental overreach that interferes in an individual’s personal medical decisions,” “limits parental choice and goes against a person’s constitutional right to freedom of religion” and “puts government in between doctor and parent” come from a nationally promoted political ideology.

While very audible on this issue, these lofty principles are strangely silent in the same party’s intrusion into women’s reproductive realms with a fervent willingness to limit sex education, restrict access to contraceptives and make the inherently difficult decision about abortion stigmatizing and illegal. They are equally silent in the separation of children from immigrant or asylum seeker parents, a tactic that has a long despotic history as a method of intimidation and coercion.

Jim Powell


Love for Cracker Barrel

I guess you would call me a Cracker Barrel junkie. I take road trips regularly and have my GPS set to find a nearby Cracker Barrel. I know I will be getting an absolutely amazing meal and great shopping.

Your recent food critic wrote the most disgusting review, and I was appalled. He or she must be a westerner and doesn’t know real southern cooking.

I watched every phase of construction and was so excited to see it finally opened. My visits are at least once a week. I subscribe to your paper and was so upset when I read the review. To make it even worse it shows up every week in the GO Magazine with a 1.5 star rating. I am sure this has drawn many customers away.

It is too late to retract his review, but The Bulletin can have the rating changed in GO Magazine.

Please see what can be done to show what delicious food and great service is all about. The gift shop is out of this world, and my home is all decorated with Cracker Barrel. I could spend hours just looking at all the amazing items they sell, and the prices are so reasonable. I will never worry about gifts because my one stop shop is there. Eat, shop and go home so happy.

Betty Smith


U.S. needs humility

Richard Asadoorian in a recent letter made the salient point that we should all vote. He then went on to say, “we live in the greatest country on earth.”

American exceptionalism has proved via many studies and anecdotal information to be a myth. As well, it is arrogant embellishment. The more you hype something, the more you risk undermining it’s value. A softer, gentler approach seasoned with a bit of humility would serve us well in the long run. Mercy trounces justice every time.

Rick Burns