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Disclose taxes

Sen. Fred Prozanski sponsored Senate Bill 594 and the summary of this bill was: “Requires candidate for President or Vice President of United States, in order to appear on general election ballot or in general election voters’ pamphlet, to provide Secretary of State with copy of candidate’s federal income tax returns for five years preceding year of general election and written consent for public disclosure of tax returns. Prohibits elector in Oregon who is part of electoral college from voting for candidate who fails to provide tax returns or written consent.”

Some other states have also written legislation along the same theme. I believe that this is an absolutely wonderful law. However, it should apply to any and every individual that is running for election or reelection for any public office, from dog catcher, sheriff, county or state official, including governor.

Thomas Nitcher


Allow flexibility with licenses

Bend is known as a welcoming community looking out for those in need. We also need the many workers who currently don’t have licenses. Getting to work and taking children to school shouldn’t result in a $500 plus fine, or being detained with fear of deportation at county jail because of a lack of ID.

The ability to qualify and drive with a license would make everyone safer. In other states, accidents have decreased as the number of insured drivers have increased.

Causa Oregon writes:

The Equal Access to Roads Act would expand eligibility for a standard driver’s license to all Oregon residents by returning the standard driver’s license to a pre-2008 set of application requirements. The proposed bill scheduled to be implemented on Jan. 1, 2021:

• Allows all Oregon residents who pass written and driving tests, pay the fees and provide proof of identity and residency to receive a standard driver’s license regardless of citizenship status.

• Provides protection to ensure a person’s information is secured and not shared with the federal government.

• Provides anti-discrimination language to ensure a person isn’t targeted for having a standard license.

This is not Real ID-compliant so cannot be used for air travel, access to federal buildings and other restricted areas.

The Equal Access to Roads Act could include people such as the elderly, low-income individuals and immigrants without legal status.

Contact your (state) representatives, Cheri Helt, Tim Knopp, Jack Zika.

Meg Brookover


Don’t pipe canals

Plans are underway by Swalley and Arnold irrigation districts to pipe large portions of their canal systems. I grew up on a canal, and it distresses me to understand my old neighborhood will be among the first to go.

There are people right here in Bend who understand what a canal can mean, perhaps anyone who has walked along the Larkspur Trail or been to Hollinshead Park, anyone who has known the joy of ducklings in the spring, little bridges over water, trickle on a hot summer night.

Alas, irrigation specialist and conservationist alike would gladly bury such a canal beneath flow rates and impact studies. To the public face of Swalley and their ilk, piping the canals means “modernization,” higher volumes for farmers, environmental benchmarks and ultimately — no significant human impact.

On the contrary, for those of us who grew up in a Bend nurtured by the canals, it means something will die inside, and a part of Bend is going to die along with it.

I write in the desperate hope that Swalley and Arnold can appreciate the “unquantifiable” value of our Oregon canals and change course before it is forever too late.

Stephen Green


Bad cartoon

I’m sorry! But I take exception to the political cartoon published on the Editorial page of The Bulletin, Friday, May 10.

There is a world of difference between a socialistic government and social programs. It is unbecoming of The Bulletin to print disinformation.

The Democrats, including those noted in the cartoon, advance the idea of social programs that benefit millions and millions of people in the United States. They do not promote the idea of a socialistic government.

Diana Hopson