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Vote to make change

I found it very disheartening to read Charlie Young’s recent letter regarding the Socratic Cafe group at the Aspen Ridge Retirement Residence. After three years of discussions regarding the state of the country, they have come to a consensus “that there is little they can do to change the status quo.”

While I agree the divisiveness in this country is unprecedented, I have always believed in the “can do” attitude that is part of the United States’ DNA. Much of this occurs at the local level. I suggest the Socratic Cafe refer to the editorial appearing the same day (Editorials, “There is better use for our stamp money”) and organize fundraising and outreach to get stamps to Oregon voters and help voters get their ballots to collection centers on election days. Voting and citizen support of the election process still remain the most effective ways for Americans to change the status quo.

Barbara Craig


Witchcraft from Salem

Building more costly, energy- “inefficient,” inherently unreliable, noisy, bird-killing, made-in-China windmills to control the weather makes as much sense as sacrificing virgins to the Yellowstone supervolcano to stop it from erupting.

Mother Nature is in control of climate and volcanic activity, not Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature, who are attempting to use empty green symbolism as New Age witchcraft. Carbon dioxide has never controlled Earth temperatures; it only creates and feeds all life on Earth.

Humans are carbon-based creatures who are prone to hysterical thinking and jumping on bandwagons. The marijuana-fueled climate-change religion is just one of many irrational doomsday religions to become popular on this planet, and it will not be the last.

Do you really want to raise the cost of electricity, food and housing for no good reason? What products do you own that are not manufactured with the help of electricity?

Christopher Calder


Why do legislators need training to be respectful?

Recently, I read an article in The Bulletin that made me amazed and angry!

On Feb. 13, some of our elected legislators attended a “respectful workplace” training. Abusive behavior that they were there for included: yelling, throwing things in anger, swearing at people, etc.

My kids were pretty well-educated in that area before they went to school, and if they needed further training, they got it there.

They are grown adults that surely have had to go through the same kind of training.

We have elected them to “perform” like that? And ... in a workplace that was intended for all the good people of Oregon … Big responsibility not for this kind of behavior. Get to work or get out!

Anna Crank


Don’t make health care more expensive

I’m confused about the tax on health care providers, the hospitals and insurance plans. It seems that it is a given consensus that health care costs are way beyond being affordable for the average Oregonian. So let’s tax health care and add more cost for them to provide their services.

How does that make any sense? Is there somebody out there that can help me and explain it to me? I guess maybe they think the providers will just eat this new tax from their profits. Help, please.

Jerry Sherman


Pay teachers more

In my opinion, teachers at all schools should be making more money. Teachers not only want more money for their families but also for more support for children. Also, some kids get pretty sad because no one can help.

One more thing is that teachers put in a lot of extra time, even on the weekends. One more thing is that teachers pay for supplies for their students.

Also, some kids are hungry, and teachers give them food. That’s why I think teachers should get more money.

Brooklyn Halsey (Grade 5)

Silver Rail Elementary