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News priorities

Do not get me wrong, I agree “Dog doo on school grounds” is a terrible thing, I was a school teacher for 38 years. I have dogs, I am a responsible dog owner. However, as the main front page coverage? When we had the longest federal shut down, a lying Putin loving president and an X amount of immigrant children caged, come on. I know we are a small town, but we need to be informed globally and nationally. Step up!

Michele Knowles


No shutdowns for walls

We need to stop the president holding the country hostage until he gets his border wall? He had a locked-in majority in Congress the past two years and his own party would not buy in to his request for a wall. Now that his party is in the minority, he has changed tactics to a “hostage taking” strategy in order to put the blame on the new majority in the House.

Our policy as a nation is to not negotiate with hostage takers because it just leads to more hostage situations. We, as a nation, must stand firm against this type of governing. Very few people involved with our border security think a single wall strategy will work. Changing our laws and type of border enforcement is most likely the better solution.

The president is wrong on this demand and must be refuted.

Allen Wright


No pay for shutdowns

Two issues. Number one, any president or Congress should not be able to shut the government down unless they are not paid also.

The second issue is concerning border security. Building a wall is a possible solution but maybe not the only solution concerning border security.

So it is President Trump’s refusal to negotiate a resolution for better border security instead of Congress.

It is this country’s main goal to not have a ruler but multiple ideas or solutions from both Congress, the president and the Supreme Court concerning any issue in this nation.

Nancy Russ


Mother Nature will have her say

World population reached 1 billion for the first time about 1805 AD. Approximately 213 years later world population is almost 8 billion. Current trends suggest a world population of more than 10 billion in less than 100 years.

With a population of close to 330 million the U.S.A. now has the third largest population after China and India. Perhaps there is a connection between global warming, ecological degradation, mass migrations and too many human beings. Mother Nature bats last.

Paul Kollerer


Bend needs housing

The guest column of Feb. 2, opposing the Evergreen apartments proposal cites concerns with parking, traffic, aesthetics, lack of affordability and density concerns in opposing these apartments.

All of these concerns lack merit upon examination.

As the city staff report shows, the proposal meets all city requirements for this location, with only a minor height variance requested to allow for desirable architectural features, which are intended only to fulfill broader city guidelines on design to make such a building more attractive.

Parking requirements are met. The engineering traffic study shows very minor impacts and the city has plans for a nearby roundabout, which will address current traffic concerns.

The cost of land in this location precludes affordable housing without a massive and unavailable subsidy.

However, 170 new apartments will increase overall housing supply, which will help affordability by bringing supply more in line with demand.

Bend needs more housing, particularly multifamily housing.

This proposal is a well-designed, attractive project in an ideal location, easy walking or biking distance to services, recreation and employment. It is of a size and scale very similar to other buildings nearby.

Since it meets all the objective city requirements it must be approved.

And it should.

Byron Buck