By Sue Ooten

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This is the first year that I am making a resolution that I will be able to keep, “I will call and write to all members of Congress to impeach Trump.” I will also be encouraging others to join my cause.

Trump lost the popular vote but won the archaic Electoral College, so let’s boost the campaign to “Impeach 45” by everyone joining me.

I’m tired of this fake president who is running the country like a reality show, “The Idiot in Charge.”

He has shut down the government three times in 2018 —which is unprecedented — because of his damn wall that he said Mexico would pay for but they said “No!” so now he wants us, the taxpayer, to pay for it, but I say “No!”

His base started a GoFundMe page, but it isn’t growing because no one wants the wall so he should take what they gave and pay the balance himself with the funds he got from doubling his joining fees at Mar-a-Lago since taking office.

He has 17 investigations going on into him and his businesses. Look at all the people that have been involved with him that are going to jail. I hope Mueller does to him and his family the same thing he did to Manafort, take away him homes, resorts and lock them up.

He’s against immigration and wants to send immigrants back to their country of origin because they are crooks, so I say send him and his family back because ever since his family migrated to this country, they got rich by doing shady deals and taking advantage of the lower class, just like Trump learned from his father.

Now he’s blaming the Democrats for the death of two young migrant children that were in the baby jails that he started by separating the children from their parents.

He claims that the Democrats are divisive, but he’s the one that causes all the problems when he doesn’t get his way, like the spoiled rich kid on the playground.

He does not respect the FBI, the Supreme Court or the Generals that he picked to be his advisers. Two are now resigning because he doesn’t listen to them.

He’s shown his ego-driven personality by saying he’s smarter than the Generals even though he faked foot problems to get out of serving our country, so without military experience, what gives him the idea that he knows more than the Generals?

He’s the first president that I don’t have any respect for because he hasn’t done anything to earn it.

Trump is going to go down as the worst president in history. He has told over 6,000 lies since taking office, and in 2018, he told three times as many as he told in 2017.

Using his call to thank the troops for their service both at Thanksgiving and Christmas, he used the call to talk down about America venting all his frustrations. Once again unpresidential!

Then when he met with a group, he called America suckers three times. He has said before he uses big words but sounded like a grade school kid at recess. He used mob slang to call Cohen a “rat.” When have you ever heard a president say suckers or rat?

If you are one of the few that is still a Trump supporter, just watch the reviews of 2018 that are showing all his lies and dumb things he did or said.

December was the worst economic time since the Great Depression so I don’t hear him bragging any more because he’s the cause of the downturn.

Still not my president.

— Sue Ooten lives in Madras.