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Vote McLeod-Skinner

I think it is time to have another individual to represent Central Oregon by electing Jamie McLeod-Skinner for our congressional representative.

As I have seen through my life persons run for a political position to serve their constituents with great intentions, but they eventually become complacent and lose touch with the people they were elected to represent.

I feel that our current congressman needs to be replaced with new blood and energy. Jamie seems to be that person. Her education and time in serving other communities has merited our vote. After meeting her this last summer I am very impressed by her ability to listen to our concerns and her commitment to address the issues that confront us. Natural resources, water for our ranchers and farming families, education, housing, health care and certainly education including safety in our schools are all imperative issues. Take time to examine her qualifications, and if you can, meet her. Help me elect her to serving us in Congress. Vote!

Michael Garcia


Send Kiely to the Legislature

A piece was published in The Bulletin recently that described Eileen Kiely, the Democratic candidate for local House District 53, as a ski instructor. It did Eileen a disservice to characterize her as a ski instructor without pointing out the robust credentials that make her well-suited to represent us in Salem. She is proud to be an outdoor adventure leader, but is much more than that. Eileen is a former naval officer and was the financial controller for a large multinational company. She has strong credentials for representing our district in Salem and for finding solutions to some of Oregon’s most difficult financial situations. Eileen also is a woman with moxie. She is an intelligent listener and open to diverse points of view, but has the backbone to stand up for what she believes is fair and just for the people of Central Oregon. Please join me in voting for Eileen Kiely. We are so lucky to have her willingness to work for us in Salem!

Gail Sabbadini


Long-Curtiss for state representative

Darcy Long-Curtiss and I do not have the same letter beside our name when it comes to our political affiliation. In today’s climate that means to some that I have no choice. I am not that type of voter. I vote with my brain by doing my own research and asking questions. I have asked Darcy tons of questions. Do we agree on everything? No, who does? Does she listen to my thoughts? Yes, and respects them.

Together we have sat down and discussed many of today’s issues and have found enormous common ground. Darcy does not want to become Oregon’s District 59 state representative because of the money, potential power and influence. I have found her to exemplify the attributes of servant leadership. She wants to be in this position because she wants to serve and make a difference for children and families in Oregon.

Darcy Long-Curtiss may be a new name to you. I want you to know that Darcy is a person of great integrity. She will represent the people of District 59 with enthusiasm and spend the time finding solutions for our region. Darcy is not a newcomer to how the world of politics works. She has spent hours upon hours learning and volunteering since her time spent working in Washington, D.C. I support Darcy not because she is a female, Democrat or Republican but because she listens and wants to help the people in rural Oregon find a voice they can believe in and count on.

Debby Jones

The Dalles

Vote for Kiely

I have voted Republican all my life. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but my hot button is fiscal policy. Frankly I am more interested in the candidate than the party he or she represents, so I support Eileen Kiely. Eileen is a businesswomen. Eileen was in purchasing for years so understands fiscal policy and the need to keep costs under control. I have known Eileen Kiely for several years. We climbed Rainier together. She is one tough lady who will not shy away from doing what is right. Even though we do not always see eye to eye on political issues, I am 100 percent behind her! She is intelligent and has integrity; exactly the kind of person we need to represent us!

Rico Micallef