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Why no debate here?

Dear Governor Kate Brown,

As I sit in my Central Oregon home on Sept. 13, writing the check for my quarterly estimated Oregon state income tax payment, I’m wondering why there’s to be no 2018 gubernatorial debate in Central Oregon.

The state of Oregon will, in all likelihood, cash my estimated tax payment check.

Yet, there won’t be a gubernatorial debate that I can reasonably attend. Why is this so?

Mark Morgen


The Walden of 2008 is gone

An article in The Bulletin 10 years ago (Oct. 19, 2008) quotes a Greg Walden campaign brochure: “Few things are more important to a family than access to affordable health care. That’s why Greg has consistently supported making health insurance more affordable and more available.”

Rep. Walden has regressed significantly in the last decade! Recall, he was the point person in the Trump/GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). If successful, that move would have deprived 20 percent of Mr. Walden’s constituents of their health insurance, and removed other protections (such as coverage for pre-existing conditions).

In June this year, newspapers in Oregon printed a large, colorful announcement recognizing Walden as a 2018 recipient of the “Champion of Health Care Innovation Award.” This award came from the “American Life Sciences Innovation Council” (ALSIC). What’s ALSIC? A front “council” with no paid employees, its address a UPS store in D.C. Its funding sources and amounts are shrouded.

However, it has major ties (through its board of directors) to the pharmaceutical industry, and exists, apparently, to give out “Champion” awards to members of Congress who promote policies favoring the commercial goals of the health care industry. And Walden is the premier recipient in Congress of campaign contributions from Big Pharma.

Where has the Walden of 2008 gone? It’s time to recognize the current Rep. Walden for what he is: a useful tool for the Trump and GOP agenda. I’m voting for an alternative. Jamie McLeod-Skinner will truly represent my health care interests, not degrade them.

John Kloetzel


McLeod-Skinner will protect health care

Access to affordable health care is a right, not a privilege. As a person with a pre-existing condition, I rely on the protections of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to ensure I have affordable and adequate coverage. Just a few short years ago, this was not the case and I spent years in the insurance pool with premiums so high and actual coverage almost non-existent, I couldn’t actually afford to go to the doctor. While the ACA is not perfect, it did extend health insurance coverage to many millions of Americans and many Oregonians, including myself.

Rep. Walden has been following the party line, voting to “repeal and replace” the ACA — making it more expensive, taking away coverage of pre-existing conditions, etc. While distracting us with lies, they are also trying to reduce support for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He has shown no interest and provided no ideas for replacing it.

Candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner provides a refreshing difference in perspective. She brings a positive attitude toward fixing what’s not working, and strengthening what is. She understands that access to affordable health care is essential to everybody, not just the wealthy. I’m voting for her and, whether you or somebody you love is going to need health care now or in the future, you should consider doing the same.

Jenni Peskin


Kinder and gentler

Thank you Andy Holtvedt for your incredible example of forgiveness by asking Judge Beth Bagley to “go light” on Travis Roberts, who hit you with his truck while you were biking. He ran off, you suffered a broken back. A lawsuit in the making, yet you acknowledged that “we all make mistakes when we are young.” Thank you Judge Bagley for listening. With so much anger and fear in the news, this story serves as an example of how much better and kinder we can all be.

Mr. Roberts, it took courage for you to recognize your terrible mistake. Thank you too for that show of courage.

Loretta Slepikas