Students must pay attention

Reading your article about the Sisters teacher and the student, it became increasingly clear that there is a disconnect here.

I remember an astute, well-regarded teacher with advice for me as a neophyte teacher back in the ’60s.

She said, “First, you have to get their attention.” Now, when the Sisters teacher noticed a student all plugged in and not there in class, he gave her a knuckle rap on the back of the head. For this the full majesty of the state was brought to bear on him with the consequent damage to his lifetime of achievement.

And then, you have the state wondering why Oregon ranks in the bottom quartile nationally. It is time to recognize a correlation here. Internationally, we rank well below even the poorest nation states. Could we, perhaps, reintroduce respect in the schools and insist upon the attention and achievement of students? All of them.

Been there!

Margaret A. Young


Keep the Electoral College

Several people have graced the editorial pages this year advocating for a popular vote to select our president. Most recently was Bill Ellis’ letter (Oct. 12).

Let’s be honest. If Hillary Clinton had won the election none of these letters would have been submitted to The Bulletin. The “popular vote” mantra has become the collective whine of people who refuse to accept the result of a fair election in a representative democracy.

Hillary did not win a popular vote because a popular vote was never in play. Both campaign strategies were based on the electoral vote. We will never know who would have won if the popular vote determined the victor.

Here is a football metaphor. In a hypothetical Civil War Oregon prevails 28-24. Ducks won, right? But wait!

Disgruntled Beaver fans say Oregon’s win is tainted because OSU had more first downs and more yardage. To which Duck fans would properly reply “if the game were decided by first downs and yardage the play calling would have been different.”

Our founding fathers understood the tyranny of the majority. That’s why we are a representative democracy. That’s why we have the Electoral College. That’s why every state has two senators regardless of population.

The Electoral College is the fairest vote for America. Otherwise, the flyover states are ruled forever by liberal coastal elites. Our founding fathers were brilliant in insuring fair representation for our country.

Greg Franklin


A bad choice of column

I am disappointed to see your choice of columns to publish in this morning’s issue, Oct. 7, ”Order another slice of cheesecake.”.

As a health professional, who considers it her mission to help people understand what it means to live a health-promoting lifestyle, you have just (unknowingly, I’m sure), undone much of my work. I would think a reputable newspaper would take more responsibility in choosing what to publish.

Obesity and diet-related illness are serious issues in this country. It’s hard enough to find the truth these days — even through rigorous data analysis. Casual reporting such as this only serves to further confuse a confused public.

In her piece, Faye Flam mentions The PURE study — a controversial study published in The Lancet this summer — which looked at diet in 18 countries and associated mortality rates.

Socioeconomic status of these countries, and their implications, have been debated as confounding factors in the findings. Perhaps Ms. Flam did not read the paper itself, but I can assure you that “cheesecake” was not a data point.

The purpose of my letter is not to debate the study. Other, esteemed, academic researchers in the field of nutrition and health have already done so — and I refer you to these 2 links: and

Rather, my purpose is a request: please consider publishing one of these opinions — credible sources on the topic — as a rebuttal in a future issue.

Hopefully, the same people who plan to order a second slice of cheesecake tonight, will reconsider next time. You will be doing us all a favor in the end.

Cheryl Bauermeister