Thanks for land use planning

Your July 27 editorial reminds me to “look to Salem” with thanks for our Oregon land use planning system. Perhaps one reason people continue to move to Oregon is because our state is still beautiful, with dedicated farmland and many public recreation areas. We are not like other states that have allowed willy-nilly housing developments.

As for Bend, maybe we do need a bit more density to minimize water use, maximize alternative transportation and walkability and clean up our air quality. We need to remember we are in a desert and try to lessen our footprints in the wild areas.

Yes, thank you, Oregon land use planning!

Elsa Douglass


OSU-Cascades parking — let’s all sing Kumbaya

The July 19 Bulletin front page announced an agreement between the Bend Park & Recreation District and Oregon State University-Cascades to lease 170 parking spaces for its west Bend campus at the old ski mountain lot at Simpson and Colorado.

They have been considering this since early in the campus design process, and this means OSU needs 57 percent more parking than the 300 it originally said would suffice. Its original statement was that 30 percent of its students would be walking and biking 12 months of the year. Surprise — let’s all sing Kumbaya.

This new agreement was to be approved at the July 19 district board meeting, with no financials presented in the documentation. Let’s all sing Kumbaya.

Officials clearly didn’t plan for enough spaces but were adamant 300 would work, and the (flawed) traffic study proved it. Do we expect the traffic study to change? Do we expect there to be little effect on already burdened west-side roads? Let’s all sing Kumbaya.

This campus is already radically changing the character of our residential, retail and office community, and not for the better. College town, here we come. Let’s all sing Kumbaya.

Can’t wait to see how the master plan will be manipulated. Let’s all sing Kumbaya!

John Moeckel


Legislature can divert M97 money

If Measure 97 were to pass, it would be possible for the Legislature to spend the new tax money for whatever it wants without passing any legislation. All it would have to do is divert funds currently allocated to education to other programs and replace the lost education funding with the Measure 97 money. Government gets bigger, more state union employees are hired and education ends up with the same inadequate funding. But all of the new tax money went to “improving the schools,” just as promised.

Jeff Keller


Use the garage

I would like to comment on your recent editorial titled “State says it should be harder for you to park.”

My wife and I have lived in Bend for eight years and frequently go downtown to restaurants, the Tower Theatre and various shops. We have never experienced difficulty finding a place to park.

Perhaps the main reason we have always had success is that we park most times at the parking garage. The garage seems to be very lightly used by Bend drivers. Perhaps there is some reason for this that could be addressed by the city. However, we find the garage to be convenient, clean and safe.

John Coltman


Remember when Walden seeks re-election

In respect to Kyleanne Hunter’s Aug. 4 open letter to Walden: As a veteran and Gold Star father from Desert Storm, I agree with Hunter’s assertion that Trump’s ignorant, callous view of the Kahn family’s loss, and especially what the term “sacrifice” really means, alone disqualifies him to be commander in chief of our armed forces. However, the call for Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, to repudiate the statements of his party’s nominee will fall upon deaf ears.

The early endorsement of Trump, and his subsequent silence as The Donald’s rants and lies increase, shows again and again Walden’s intention to put party over country and politics over “… the values of patriotism, liberty, duty and honor that the Republican Party has historically stood for.”

Let us hope that voters remember this when Walden stands for re-election.

William Valentine III