Christian rights

I am not a bigot nor homophobic; I just stand up for what the Bible says a marriage should be, which is one man and one woman. No man has the authority to change the Bible. As a Christian I go by the Bible, which says we are to love the person living the sin of homosexuality, but we are not to love the sin. We are entitled to a right to decline to do a service to a gay wedding even though the state of Oregon does not seem to honor that right. In that respect the state of Oregon is wrong, and that should be changed. We are not using our religious objection to discriminate. We as evangelical Christians are standing up for the rights we are supposed to have. To tell us that we can believe what we want then turn around and penalize us for declining to do something as I mentioned is not religious freedom at all. When our Christian beliefs do not endanger anybody’s life, they should be honored. The gays talk about tolerance, but that’s a two-way thing. If they want us to tolerate them, they will have to tolerate us too.

Delbert Linn

La Pine

Approve the pipeline

Good to see Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., had a chance for some election-year grandstanding in Bend recently on the dangers of moving oil by rail. He might have done more good had he urged President Obama to approve the XL pipeline a few years ago. Then there would be a lot less oil moving through towns. Pipelines are much safer than rail. And by the way, the main beneficiary of oil by rail is none other than Warren Buffett, the president’s billionaire friend who thinks we should pay more taxes. And please realize that there is a good reason railroads don’t want oil train schedules to be freely available — rail transportation is vulnerable to derailment or other damage by terrorists or environmental extremists.

Tom Moorer


Legitimate issues on campus

Reading the letter from Becky Johnson and the column from John Costa in recent Bulletins, I am concerned. I believe the majority of the citizens would like to have a four-year university in Bend and are excited that OSU and the state have agreed to go ahead. However the university was supposed to be in Juniper Ridge. To situate the university on the west side with the acknowledged parking, traffic and housing issues is being disputed and there are some legitimate issues. Now the problem and blame is being placed on the people who are raising these issues and it will be their fault if the university is delayed. That is wrong. It needs to be resolved. Based on past experience, it will be forced anyway. Ghosts of Juniper Ridge, BAT, Bridge Creek, sewer rates, etc. That is My Nickel’s Worth.

Steve Peters


Tumalo Creek is healthy

Hi, my name is Piper Stewart and I go to Miller Elementary. I’m in Mrs. Kerr’s fourth-grade class. We went to Skyliner Lodge three times, to see if Tumalo Creek is a healthy stream.

Tumalo Creek is a healthy stream! I know that because at Tumalo Creek there are a lot of trees and the pH is at average, exactly where it is supposed to be. The pH was 7, which is really good for the fish. Also there are a lot of fish in the stream. There used to be 500 fish; now there are 5,000 fish. In Tumalo Creek there are a lot of pools, which is a good thing because fish like to hang out in pools and they also feel safe in the pools. The temperature of the stream is 44-46 degrees Fahrenheit, which is really healthy for the fish and other animals that live in the stream.

We should care about the stream because our animals live in the stream. We also get our drinking water from an area up the stream. So please spread the word! Take care of the stream because it’s working!

Piper Stewart


Sime is right

My hat’s off to Keith Sime for his recent In My View submission. He was right on point and understands exactly what is happening to our great nation. I agree with everything he said and agree with the fate of where America is headed. The Founding Fathers set this country up as a Republic, as it clearly states in our Pledge of Allegiance. True democracies have never lasted, and since low-information voters outnumber the ones who understand that some very hard decisions and sacrifices have to be made in order to survive, our destiny is sealed. The U.S. will still be here way into the future; it just won’t be the shining star on the hill that became the envy of the world. It will become the country that the Founding Fathers rose up against in order to gain their freedom. Freedom will be a long-forgotten word.

Steve Hill