Thanks to veterans

Am I the only one who was upset at the front page of The Bulletin on Memorial Day, May 26? What happened to paying tribute to all our veterans? All those who have given their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. Those who are serving now, it doesn’t matter which branch of service they are in or which one they have served in, they all have sacrificed so much on our behalf. Also their families have sacrificed a lot.

I am grateful to all those men and women who serve or have served so that I may have freedom of speech, worship as I choose, travel and live anywhere in this great country, speak to anyone I wish, vote as I choose just to name a few of the freedoms I enjoy.

This country is the greatest one in this world and I feel we need to thank and honor those veterans any time we can for their and their families service and sacrifice.

Thank you very much, veterans, from me and my family.

Charlotte Herrrmann


Editorial on target

Thank you.

I voted before I left (went to the courthouse before ballots mailed) for a month of work out-of-state.

So, I was disgusted when the national party came out with their endorsement of the doctor who had said on a local/regional radio show she “would tweak” but not repeal Obamacare.

Arrived home hours before Election Day to see general election ads — “the fix” is in.

Your editorial was exactly on target. I am so tired of being told my vote counts.

(However, since I walked to the courthouse on my 21st birthday to register to vote, I will continue to cast my ballot before — because to not vote means I should no longer complain!)

Sherril Wallace


Juniper Ridge versus the west side for OSU

In articles, written by Oregon State University and the vice president, Juniper Ridge is discounted because of the cost of infrastructure. If city, county and OSU were to partner the opening of infrastructure at Juniper Ridge, it would be a possibly positive movement forward in that area.

The school would participate, taking as much land as needed. No haggling over parking places, car pools, bicycling back and forth, staggering students with classes and time frames.

Let’s get behind Juniper Ridge development, finally.

Juniper Ridge, with the university leading the way, could increase interest for other industries and institutions to follow suit. The focus for OSU could shift toward academia, instead of recreation, rather than Century Drive hangouts. Build a university somewhere and the food carts will follow.

All OSU necessities, now irritating some neighbors on the west side, would decrease.

Bend residents could celebrate the university. We could support 5,000 students the first year. The sellers of the present west-side property could learn from this experience and develop the land to match the west side. More homes with driveways and garages. People in the neighborhood wouldn’t be concerned with massive increases of traffic. The move would be positive, with no lawsuits or delays. The Ridge could develop as intended eight years ago. The councilors could end the embarrassment.

Finally, there is room out there for a 50,000-seat football stadium.

Tom Filcich


Businesses don’t respond to email

In today’s electronically connected world, I have come to realize that listing an email address on a business website is like owning a stair-step machine. You may have one, you clean it up to look nice, but that doesn’t mean you actually use the darn thing.

Over and over and over again I email businesses and nonprofits, local and beyond, blindly trusting there is some real meaning in the words “contact us” and never receive a reply. If I then call the business, already irritated with their lack of customer service, the response is always the same. “Oh yes, we have an email account, but no one actually reads it. I’m sorry.” In my latest fiasco, my husband and I have decided to convert our wood-heated home to central heat and air. I have emailed four major heat suppliers in town, inviting them to come talk with us. You know their names; they all advertise continually. Two weeks and counting, I haven’t heard from a single one. Anyone want to help us heat our house? Email me. I guarantee I will respond.

Andrea Sigetich