1914 report didn’t consider environment

Interesting article about hydro development and how it would affect the Deschutes Basin. The folks in 1914, when they published the USGS Bulletin “The Deschutes River Oregon and its Utilization,” had no environmental concerns.

The sites visualized on the Deschutes below Bend: Moody, Lockit, Reclamation, Sinamox, Oak Brook, Sherars Falls, Oak Springs, Maupin, Frieda, White Horse Rapids, Coleman, Mecca, Pelton and Metolius.

There were four sites visualized for the Metolius: Riggs, Whitewater, Jefferson Creek and Jacks Creek.

There was one irrigation dam planned for the Crooked, which was visualized at that time being placed just below the forks of the North and South Crooked and water run by tunnel to the Ochoco side.

The Deschutes and Metolius plans would have basically turned the rivers into one slack water pool after the other and the Jacks Creek Dam on the Metolius would have flooded the headwater springs. The cost of relocating the rail line, which had just been completed, made the lower Deschutes dams too expensive and the Metolius projects too costly as well.

Certainly hope we don’t go back to thoughts of doing that to our rivers today.

Gene McMullen


Oil pipeline better than trains through Bend

The oil trains through Bend have gone up 56 percent in just a few years. This is oil from the growing Midwest Bakken oil fields. The proposed expansion there is 23,000 new wells in just a few short years. How is this oil going to get to the refineries? You guessed it — through Bend.

Do we want this? To be oil self-sufficient, we may have to pay the price. Of course, the alternative is the Keystone oil transmission line that President Obama doesn’t have the will or nerve to OK. He just sits on it for his own political agenda, rather than do what is necessary. Decision — oil through Bend or through a pipeline? Oil through a new technologically controlled pipeline is much safer than rolling freight tank cars. As far as I’m concerned, it is an easy decision. Keep Bend and the nearby wild and scenic rivers as safe as possible. We need to push our Washington representatives to get Obama off the dime!

Robert J. Miller


Thanks for local VA care

It would be hard to miss all the negative news lately about problems with veterans’ care facilities around the country. Unfortunately, when an issue becomes national news it paints with a pretty broad brush and those who do the grunt work in VA care facilities must now be feeling pretty slammed.

In light of that, I just wanted to thank our local Bend VA clinic for the care and consideration I’ve received over the years. People like Dr. Bradford Dorsay and others on the staff have a tough job, but they stick with it and do it professionally. Beyond that, however, the courtesy I have been extended, and seen extended to other vets when I have been in the clinic, adds to this special level of care.

It seems like every time I’ve been to the clinic someone has invariably thanked me for my service to the country. It dawns on me now, though, that I’ve never thanked any of them. Thank you, Bend VA Clinic. Your service is appreciated!

George Jolokai


It’s a bad idea to narrow Third Street

Now the rocket scientists at City Hall want to make Third Street narrower so it will become more congested.

Third Street started out with two lanes, but it got too congested, so it became five lanes. Now, the city planners want to narrow it up so it will become more congested, the thought being that it would allow drivers more time to notice the businesses in the area.

Great idea — except that between texting, talking on cellphones, putting on makeup and flossing, who has time for looking at businesses, let alone watching where they are driving? The only winners in this idea are the tow companies.

As for pedestrians, you would have to be a moron to try and cross.

If they want to make it congested, just close the parkway, which was built because Third Street was too congested.

If the city has or thinks it can get the money for the this project, I think it would be more responsible of them to fix all the streets in town that need to be repaved before they take on any new ones.

Larry G. Schoening