Earth is cooling, not warming

Oregon has had a string of unusually cool years, and on Dec. 8, normally mild Eugene hit minus 10 degrees. In 2010, the temperature in Antarctica dropped to minus 135.8 degrees, a new record low for planet Earth.

Al Gore cannot have it both ways. If he keeps talking about global warming when the Earth is cooling, he is just talking nonsense. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report found that the Earth has not warmed since about 1998, a fact government officials around the world tried to cover up.

Former global warming alarmist, scientist James Lovelock, stated that “I made a mistake.”

“We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books — mine included — because it looked clear cut, but it hasn’t happened.”

He went on to say that, “We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world.”

The Earth has been experiencing unusually low hurricane activity, but according to global warming alarmists, Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines, somehow validates their climate change theories.

Energy policy analyst Bjorn Lomborg set the record straight by pointing out that “even when measured by total energy of hurricanes, the so-called Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), the Philippines’ area is below the norm, even after Haiyan. The Atlantic has had no major hurricanes and the global total ACE is at its lowest since the 1970s. You cannot take Haiyan and claim it is caused by global warming, without — incorrectly — claiming that the lack of global hurricanes is also caused by climate change.”

Every politician in Oregon should watch the excellent documentary film, “Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off,” now on YouTube.

Christopher Calder


Lions Clubs provide vision screening

I am responding to your Dec. 15 editorial, “School vision screening needs funding solution.”

The reason for my letter is that the article did not mention the most active organization in Oregon for school vision screenings, Lions Clubs. In 2012, we screened over 50,000 Oregon schoolchildren. This November, La Pine Lions Club screened about 500 children in three schools in La Pine. I know it is hard to know all of the information, but if you want to point out a more positive outlook, this is it. The Children’s Vision Foundation in Central Oregon only started in 2012. Lions Clubs have been around since 1917, and we no longer use the Snellen eye chart. I urge you to check out our foundation’s website for further information at .

I hope this helps get word out.

James Smith


It’s Christmas, not just a holiday

With the word Christmas now being deleted from many celebrations in December, it made me wonder why? Instead of saying Merry Christmas or sending Christmas cards, having a Christmas party, a Christmas tree, a Christmas program, singing Christmas music, giving Christmas gifts or having a Christmas vacation, it is now called a holiday by many people. Why the change?

I’ve heard people are afraid of offending others. That seems very ironic to me, because when people don’t say Merry Christmas and just dismiss it as a holiday, they actually are offending believers/Christians. Think about that! Some people are so afraid of offending nonbelievers that they don’t care if they offend the believers who celebrate this special day, Christmas! More importantly — they are offending God!

Why is Christmas celebrated anyway? For believers/Christians, it celebrates the birth of Jesus, God’s son. Without Christ, we wouldn’t have Christ_mas! So, let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and call it what it is. Celebrate the birth of Jesus and what he has done for all of us. Remember why we celebrate Christmas. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to say so. It’s not just a holiday.

If you are searching for true peace, joy, hope, love and forgiveness, turn to Jesus. If you haven’t been to church in a while or even if you don’t believe, find a church to attend for yourself and your family. Be open to celebrating Jesus’ birthday!

Find joy in wishing each other a Merry Christmas!

Janet Gallagher