My family and I moved to Scotland for employment reasons in late 1995, a few months prior to the Dunblane Massacre, the worst mass shooting in British history, in which 17, 5- and 6-year-olds and an instructor were killed and 15 others injured by an individual with two handguns.

Without equivocation, British lawmakers reacted immediately enacting firearms control measures including licensing of all firearms, licensing requirements tiered to the type of firearm.

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Scotland is missing something called the Bill of Rights. In fact the UK doesn't really have a constitution and if King Charles III is the head of state.

In 1942 the legislature, even the courts ordered Japanese-Americans from their homes and "that was the law," and 50 years before that "separate but equal" was the law of the land.

Would you consider officials who refuse to enforce what we we virtually all agree were fundamentally wrong laws to be villains...or heroes?


The judicial branch of our government determine if a law is constitutional or not not some sheriff. So until a law if fount unconstitutional by the courts it must be in-forced by government or the sheriff should resign.

Long and Variable

Well, when the next shooter slips through this regulatory regime, the heIl that will fall on these good-ole-boy networks and the taxpayers in those counties is not going to be pretty. Eight figures, loss of underwriter, etc etc.

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