Seniors can wait

I just finished the recent article on senior COVID-19 vaccinations. I am a senior waiting for my vaccinations, but all I can say is “call me an ambulance.”

The ME generation has gotten old and now must be first once again. Most seniors have the opportunity to stay isolated to a great degree and living in Bend, where there are many opportunities to recreate without contact with others, I think that the prioritization of people such as teachers and first responders, who do not have that option, is a sound one.

My advice to my generation: Be patient and be grateful. You will get your vaccine soon enough. A couple of more weeks, or even a month is not long in the scheme of things. It is frustrating to not be able to see family members not in your pandemic pod. Find something to do for someone else and the time will pass quickly.

— Heather Stout, Bend

Confidence in vaccine distribution

Communities across Oregon, and the country, are asking themselves what is necessary to recover from the pandemic — economically, mentally and physically. Elected officials must support our constituents through these tough times and bolster the industries helping us fight off COVID-19.

Oregon is vaccinating high-risk front-line workers, long -term care facility residents, teachers and seniors. This is a good start, but we need more, and more quickly. The vaccine rollout is a volatile situation and everchanging process. There are gaps, and I thank everyone sharing ideas, voicing concerns and creating opportunities for improvement. In order to gain that herd immunity that we have all been waiting for, we must not let up. We must do more.

This is a massive, unprecedented undertaking, and it is going to take every bit of coordination between the government and our health care industry. I encourage my fellow elected officials, Gov. Kate Brown’s administration and the federal government to strengthen their communications with those helping to get Oregonians the vaccine, including manufacturers, distributors and clinicians. These critical partners share our commitment to vaccinating the population, and they have infrastructure for delivering and administering.

Health care distributors have sent more than 1 million vaccines to our state, and around 836,000 have been administered by medical providers as of late February. I am hopeful and confident, that if we work together, the health care distribution industry and medical teams will be able to deliver and administer vaccine as quickly and safely as possible throughout all of Oregon.

— Patti Adair is a Deschutes County commissioner.

Expel Nearman

On Dec. 21, a large crowd of armed right-wing protesters, including Patriot Prayer militia members, gathered outside the Oregon Capitol in Salem. They pounded on doors and broke windows. They harassed journalists and assaulted Oregon State Police officers. During this chaos, lawmakers were in session, working to pass legislation that would help our businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of working with his colleagues to support the people of Oregon, Republican state Rep. Mike Nearman did something incredibly destructive. He let the mob in.

Security camera footage obtained by The Oregonian shows Rep. Nearman opening a locked door and letting violent men with guns inside. In doing so, he put his congressional colleagues in danger, he put law enforcement in danger and he put the regular Oregonians who make sure our government does its job in danger. Nearman’s behavior was reckless, irresponsible and possibly criminal. Can you imagine working in a school and opening the door for an armed mob? Or being a bank employee who waves a would-be bank robber inside? At the most fundamental level, we are called to care for our fellow humans, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. By his actions, Nearman invited violence into his place of work and into our place of government. I don’t care what your political leanings are. We should have zero tolerance for violence. Nearman should be expelled from the Legislature.

— Amber Keyser, Bend

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