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In 2011 Donald Trump, ex reality TV show actor, claimed that Obama would attack Iran to be reelected. This never happened since Obama is neither that stupid or reckless. What Trump was doing then was projecting what he would do if he was president, which is exactly what he has just done. Trump’s whole governing strategy has been to distract from one outrage to the next. What better distraction can there be than a war? And if Trump’s intention was to start a regional war in the Middle East, or God help us all, World War III, then there’s really nothing any of us can do about that, is there?

One last thought: the founders provided recourse in the Constitution in the event of a president who was so mentally ill that, to get reelected, he would precipitate a war that could kill millions of people. But in their wildest nightmares, I bet they never thought that the president’s political party would enable such madness.

— Pam Berreyesa, Bend

Ending discrimination against complementary and alternative medical providers (CAM) e.g., chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. has become an important goal of the Oregon State Legislature.

In 2012 Gov. John Kitzhaber, MD, introduced and the Legislature passed Senate Bill 1580 prohibiting Oregon’s new “coordinated care organizations,” (Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan patients) from discriminating against CAM providers. House Bill 2468 also facilitated by then Gov. Kitzhaber, prohibited commercial insurers from discrimination against providers and was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2015. Now a bipartisan bill has been introduced in Congress, H.R. 3654, ending discrimination against chiropractors and will significantly benefit Medicare patients suffering from chronic neck and back pain while saving Medicare millions. H.R. 3654 requires Medicare to pay for a chiropractor’s consultation, examination, X-rays when needed, and all physical therapy services performed by a chiropractor. However, H.R. 3654 adds no new services under Medicare, but simply requires Medicare to reimburse chiropractors when they perform these already covered services under Medicare.

Chronic back and neck pain are common reasons all types and ages of patients consult their medical primary care provider (PCP). Back and neck pain are conditions chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists specialize in treating with high quality scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness, with high patient satisfaction, improved safety, and with reduced cost to our health care system. Oregon is leading the nation once again.

— Vern Saboe, Albany

I want to thank Charles Boyd for his wise and cogent guest column, published by The Bulletin on Jan. 3. His column deserves to be read — and reread — by all who claim to care about the current and future quality of our greater community. He speaks to a long-term view, asks us to look both to the future and the past, when we consider the livability of our communities. He reminds us that this view must be balanced against short term gain and speaks of giving equal weight to environmental factors as we make decisions about the kind of growth we choose to support. He encourages us to consider the effect of unchecked growth on open space, habitat and watershed degradation, and livability for all who call Central Oregon home. We would be wise to listen to him. In this finely tuned, High Desert ecosystem, the decisions we make can have environmental repercussions that are not easy to undo. We must make these choices wisely. The Bulletin has stated that “we cannot close the gate” but, while this imaginary gate may be impossible to close, we can all — government, voters, developers — make choices that look at the long view, and give deep consideration to issues other than short term economic gain and an increased tax base.

— Julie Naslund, Bend

Why is it that when Trump shows strength, Democrats cry foul? And go as far as to defend a terrorist, in one way or another. Oregon Democrats simply go along with dividing the country even further. This low-life terrorist has orchestrated many missions of death towards Americans, yet you Democrats cry foul. Iran won’t initiate war; to think otherwise is crazy. Fear mongering by Democrats that Trump is starting a war by showing strength is plain stupid. All they can say right now is war is imminent, bad Donald Trump, he should never have taken out that evil terrorist seeking to kill many more Americans. I know I feel safer knowing that finally other nations quiver when America flexes its muscles. Instead of being the laughing stock and becoming the world leader in weakness thanks to Obama, nations are realizing to mess with the good ol’ USA they will be held accountable. Let’s bring the country together and back our president when it comes to our liberty. We are one nation, under God.

— Andy Uppendahl, Bend

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Pam continues to show the hatred liberals have as they spew the same false facts over and over while refusing to acknowledge their failures of leadership.


False facts? Haven't been paying attention to Mr trump, pence, pompeo lately have you Thom.

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