Vote Douglass for Bend schools

Carrie McPherson Douglass has been a strong leader of the Bend-La Pine School Board. She is not an extremist. She listens to all sides of arguments in our increasingly polarized world. She has an excellent financial background and understands how school budgets work. Her business background makes her uniquely qualified to represent the views of both business and education in her decision-making. She has led the board during the pandemic with balance, transparency and community engagement. She has appeared in candidate forums and has been willing to answer tough questions from The Bulletin editorial board. We are grateful to her for agreeing to run again.

Carrie will take the right actions for our students, teachers and taxpayers.

I urge you to reelect Carrie McPherson Douglass to the Bend-La Pine School Board.

— Mike Hollern, Bend

Poor county leadership

I am extremely disappointed by the rise in COVID-19 infection rates in Deschutes County, causing a return to extreme risk category. Across Oregon, we have worked very hard in the past year, resulting in nationwide lows in infections and deaths. I and many others have volunteered this year at the mass vaccination site at the fairgrounds, helping get lifesaving shots in arms. The site will exceed 100,000 vaccinations this week. However, our infection rate has risen by 67% in the last two weeks, and 700 students are now quarantined in our county. On the heels of this news, in a stunning display of poor leadership, County Commissioners Patti Adair and Tony DeBone have signed a letter petitioning the governor to ease restrictions! Instead of whining to the governor, these two commissioners should be traveling the county, urging citizens to adhere to proven safety behaviors such as masking, physical distancing, avoiding large indoor gatherings and getting vaccinations. That is the only way to crush this disease and allow all of us to safely return to normal.

— David Buhaly, Sunriver

Why I am voting for Janet Sarai Llerandi for Bend schools

Janet Sarai Llerandi wants to give a voice to families in our community who are left out. Janet wants to help our education system gain the knowledge and resources to enable all students to succeed. She has lived experience as a Latina mother and years of personal and professional advocacy. Janet sees the students who bridge the communication gap between their school and their family. She sees LGBTQ youth and their families. We will all benefit from the time, energy and expertise Janet is offering to us on the school board. We should take this opportunity to uplift a Latina leader in our community and show our youth we care about them and their families. Thank you, Janet, for your commitment to making our community welcoming. Thank you, Janet, for valuing equity and representation so that all students and families can thrive and feel included. Please join me in voting for Janet Sarai Llerandi.

— Renee Goin, Bend

Reelect Doug Cox and Jerry Hubbard to La Pine Fire

Both Doug Cox and Jerry Hubbard have demonstrated the ability to provide board oversight and leadership to the La Pine Fire District. They have worked with fire staff to establish critical long -range planning for the district’s standard of cover and strategic plan. Most importantly, through their stewardship they have closely managed tax payer dollars to provide the best level of fire and ambulance services possible with the limited resources available. It should be noted that the district is debt -free, which is unusual for fire districts in general. The district is also known as an innovator and is highly regarded by its peers.

In the 1980s, district taxpayers authorized the fire district to commence EMS ambulance services to transport critical patients in need of Advanced Life Support procedures to St. Charles Hospital in Bend. Both Cox and Hubbard have adhered to what the taxpayers expected and authorized. These services for ALS were stipulated by the taxpayers to be fee based and not taxpayer supported.

Cox and Hubbard have demonstrated how board members should interface with district staff, taxpayers and others and deserve your continued support.

— Richard Swails, Sunriver

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Mr. uhaly is absolutely correct. Where are the public service announcements (and editorials) urging perseverance and patience? He is right that we have been doing relatively well as a community to minimize the spread, but it will all go for nothing if we don't keep up the fight until we reach population immunity.

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