Saturday’s “Race, politics and partisanship” was a total hit piece. The Bulletin has published numerous op-eds in glowing favor of the four liberal school board candidates and demonized the four conservative candidates, ostensibly for not participating in the League of Women Voters debate and for not engaging with The Bulletin’s staff. This attention is way out of proportion to the “quieter affair” these types of elections are normally. The four conservatives are portrayed as “alt right” “extremists.” Please read school board member Carrie McPherson Douglass’ article at carriedouglassbend.medium.com. It gets to the heart of the concerns these board candidates wish to address. These candidates are open about their concerns for how race relations are taught in our schools — these views are not “Republican” or “Democrat.” They favor education over politics in schools.

Doxxing was also misdefined as it also pertains to broadcasting “identifying information for malicious intent.” Douglass claims she only posted info about where Lopez lives to show she is trying to “buy the election.” But why post Lopez’ address, aerial photos and home value? These dodges that favor Douglass and the others are obvious and disturbing. Perhaps The Bulletin might want to write about the propriety of the school district appointing Melissa Barnes Dholakia to contact Lopez about the doxxing complaint. Dholakia is a current board member who wrote a guest column supporting Douglass the day after the doxxing complaint was filed. Start to finish, this article was biased and unprofessional.

— Lisa Quattlebaum, Bend

I have heard much talk and reaction around Bend’s proposed parking code amendments. Some fun conspiracies about how the city is trying to force you to get rid of your car and make you walk places. (I will not ride a bike or bus; you can’t make me. Ha Ha.)

The parking issue is a tough one. On one hand, local data projects increased demand for parking on Bend streets. On the other, the value of this same land is increasing quickly. No one wants their residential neighborhood flooded with outside cars. Here in Old Bend, we’ve reclaimed our curbsides with a pilot parking district program.

It’s a work in progress. But we should be in full support of the city adopting more flexible parking codes to allow for the right development, in the right places.

Think, the Bend Central District. Affordable housing is not attainable in the core of Bend without allowing smart, vertical-mixed-use development.

The city is working to modernize our parking standards to fit the city that we are growing into.

“No parking minimums” are only intended for very specific zones. Let’s make sure they also have a plan for protecting residential neighborhoods!

More asphalt on-grade parking with California-style cars-per-capita is not the answer (in some places). The best cities have embraced a pedestrian-friendly core, and elevated human-scale transit.

I see Bend as the best city of the future, but we’re going to have to grow up and embrace the nuance of smart growth.

— John Fischer, Bend

I want to commend Nancy Blankenship, Deschutes County clerk, for going above and beyond her many election duties. My neighborhood did not receive any voter pamphlets in the mail. Several of us contacted her office, and she contacted the Post Office, but to no avail. Nancy then personally delivered them in bulk to one of the neighbors. Our community liaison notified us that they were available to be picked up. Nancy is a true public servant!

—Jan Hildreth, Bend

Zavier “Zavi” Borja has my vote, and I hope your vote, as well, to replace Ted Schoenborn on the Bend Park & Recreation Districty Board. Zavi grew up here and is committed to the betterment of the Bend community overall and the Latino community specifically. As a young adult, he has not only worked in outdoor education, but he has also founded organization for youth called Vamonos Outside. Further, and this is how I met Zavi, he has donated his time the last two years on the board of a local nonprofit supporting youth16 to 24. I have seen Zavi in action, and can say with great confidence that he will bring terrific energy, insight and competence to the Bend Park & Recreation District Board Position 4. He has made youth participation in outdoor education, youth access to parks facilities and educating youth on sustainable living some central themes of his life.

I am grateful for his wisdom in these areas, and I know we will all benefit from his election to Bend Park & Recreation District Board Position 4.

— Leslie Barbour, Bend

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Ms. Quattlebaum echoes the Republican line that teaching about and discussing diversity in our schools is about politics, forgetting that our society is diverse. Current curriculum has been evolving since it began to be introduced in the sixties. The four she supports closed up like clams to the general public. Oh, except to Fox.


Critical Race Theory is simply “teaching about and discussing diversity”; our southern border is shut down, massive spending will not cause inflation, increased fighting in the Middle East is Trump’s fault, Brett Kavinaugh is a serial rapist, defunding the police will make us safer, Trump is a Russian agent...


True on almost every point. You forgot trump's promise to be too busy to play golf, he'd show China, Russia, N.Korea who's boss, we'd have great new healthcare, C19 is a Dem hoax, hydroxychloriquin and bleach will cure it.

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