After years of inaction, Congress finally gave bipartisan approval to a major infrastructure bill.

And how did former President Trump react to the good news? He ripped into the 13 House and 19 Senate Republicans who voted for the bill. This, despite the fact that Trump himself announced “infrastructure week” repeatedly during his presidency, only to have the effort go nowhere.

Former President Harry Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Trump has turned that lofty sentiment on its head. If he can’t get the credit, Trump doesn’t want it to happen, even when it’s for the good of the country. He remains the undisputed definition of “self-centered.”

— Tim Galvin, Bend

Think bigger for homeless camp

Hooray, The city has finally looked at the obvious place for a homeless camp. Juniper Ridge! Unfortunately, they are proposing a Band-Aid instead of a solution: a 1-acre dirt plot. Not inviting, and not big enough. A real homeless solution requires bigger ideas. At least 5 acres, improved with gravel and grass and water, dumpsters and portable toilets maintained on a regular basis, regular shuttle service to medical and shopping areas, and a full time resident manager (camp host?) with communication and security skills.

Ask for a $1 million donation each from Pahlisch Homes, Hayden Homes, Bill Smith, the Tennants; sharing some of the wealth they have all accumulated during the growth of our city, and create a Homeless Fund that will help pay for the creation of the camp as well as continued services going forward. Ask the city and county to consider a .05% property tax increase to ensure continued funding in the future.

Campers receive a 500 square-foot plot. There will be rules. They must maintain that area and not spill over. Be good neighbors, etc. Finally, the city/county/ODOT all adopt an aggressive program of removing homeless from streets, sidewalks, etc, making the homeless camp an attractive alternative.

— John Proud, Bend

Subsidizing homelessness

These are basic principle of economics — not right wing, not left wing — it just is.

I moved to Bend in 2012 when we had a right of center City Council majority. Even though we were still suffering from the effects of the Great Recession, I did not see any homeless camps. By 2017 (the council majority had shifted to somewhat left of center) I noticed a few.

I moved to Redmond in 2017 in part because of this shift. (I still own property in Bend.)

The 2020 election moved the council majority to very left of center. And now, in spite of a booming economy and an extreme shortage of workers we have a big homeless problem. Why? Because if you tolerate it, if you accept it, if you subsidize it, you will get more of it — simple.

Bend is on the path of following Portland, Seattle and San Francisco to accepting/creating/subsidizing homeless ghettos. I pray Redmond won’t go down the same path.

Ever notice how red cities don’t have homeless problems? They’re so heartless!

— Jim Resney, Redmond

Don’t exaggerate e-bikes

Once again someone, who is against e-bikes on regular bike trails, has weakened their case by trying to overly demonize the device. A week ago, someone suggested an e-bike was like a motorcycle on the trail. They are nothing like a motorcycle in noise, pollution, or erosion. Last week an anti-e-biker (on bike trails) compared them to snowmobiles on cross-country trails.

They are nothing like snowmobiles on cross-county trails. Snowmobiles are loud, and use fossil fuels, and more importantly, destroy the cross-country ski track. And snowmobiles have their own play area. None of those element are true with e-bikes. They are not loud; they do not use fossil fuels; they do not “destroy” the trail. And they don’t have their own special tracks.

Understand that I am not proposing a for or against stand on e-bikes. I’m suggesting that if you are trying to make your point, you don’t need to misalign the device with something you hope people will see as evil.

If you make the premise that an e-bike on the trail is like a snowmobile on a cross-country ski track — you’ve lost me right there because it clearly isn’t like that at all. And if you have to dig that into the bottom of that barrel to justify your stance, you are “stancing” on very weak ground.

— Paul Chance, Bend

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Tim Galvin, Trump did succeed in building at least one thing… a gallows. And maybe the red State Senators who voted against the infrastructure bill should take their states out of consideration for the money.

Transitory Inflation

"I can never die because the world would end." - Trump probably.


Mr. Resney might want to check out Boise. That red city has it's own issues with the homeless/houseless. A trip to the bred state of AZ might change his mind also.

Thomas Who

Jim Resney, Redmond - Absolutely right.

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