I wanted to comment on your thinning article on Jan. 13. Taking out and thinning the younger trees so the older mature trees can thrive is a good thing as these trees can withstand fires more readily. That makes sense. Also as stated in the article these larger trees absorb the most carbon pollution. But according to Shannon Berg, the timber operator team leader for Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District, emphasized that cutting large trees is part of forest management.

What the Forest Service doesn’t tell you is they make more money cutting larger trees. It’s the reason we are in this mess with unhealthy forests now instead of cutting sustainably from the get go. It always comes down to the almighty dollar, doesn’t it?

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Patsy is really confused about parking minimums and the action taken

Long and Variable

'Persons elected to the House of Representatives are given high secrecy clearance...'

I don't think this is true. Elected reps still have to pass federal inspection, and clearance is not a requisite for being seated. And have you seen the nut-jobs elected to the House?! Those stupes aren't getting clearance just because a district of rubes sends them to DC.


"If Yancy wants to put more water into the river, he is more than welcome to go buy all of the farms and then all that water would stay in the river."

Great argument David! /s

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