Term limits are a must

I’m 84 years old and can remember when out government “worked.” There was bipartisanship. There was fiscal restraint. There was even a media that could be trusted.

In the 1990s, President Clinton and Newt Gingrich worked together across party lines to balance the annual budget; however, they did leave a debt of $6 trillion.

Today our ineffective, failing Congress is filled with career politicians whose concern is for themselves, not for “We the People.” The $6 trillion debt has increased with the “help” of Congress to about $30 trillion today.

Deficit spending by both parties has become the norm. There is no fiscal restraint. According to the Congressional Budget Office: We amass $100 million in debt per hour.

Congress “borrowed” from the trust funds of Social Security and Medicare. Both are becoming insolvent. There are not enough workers to sustain them.

We deserve a wise and frugal government. Congress says debt doesn’t matter. Debt does matter!

In 1809, Thomas Jefferson said ignoring debt would lead America toward the English career of debt, corruption, rottenness, closing with revolution.

In 1814, John Adams said “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a Democracy that did not commit suicide.”

So here we are today, 200+ years later, $30 trillion in debt with a corrupt and rotten government, very close to committing suicide.

President Ronald Reagan told us: “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Why haven’t we listened? Why have we not taken and maintained control of our government?

Term limits are a must. We need new blood, new ideas, and new voices. Americans favor term limits. Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Obama and Trump all supported term limits.

— Charles T. Crickmore, Vancouver, Wash., formerly of Redmond

Allow e-bikes on forest trails

Should e-bikes be allowed on forest trails? The short answer is: Yes! As a 61-year-old male with a passion for mountain biking, the correct use of peddle assist e-bikes will allow us ‘oldies’ to continue the sport well into our 70s. I have knee issues and recently under went shoulder surgery. Pedal assist keeps me on the trail! I’m not ‘tearing’ up the trails because I have an e-bike as is a common misnomer. Most of the younger mountain bikes go much faster than me! I also convinced my wife to take up the sport, something she previously resisted. She now loves hitting the trails.

E-bikes give an aging population a reason to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Why are we discriminated against just because we have e-bikes. E-bikes allow people who otherwise wouldn’t go to the bush to experience what this great state has to offer. Sadly its just a handful of ‘elitists’ that have too much say on what they perceive is right for all Oregonians. Thankfully, e-biking is here to stay, and the inevitability of e-bikes hitting mountain bike trails is not too far away.

— Ross Watkins, Silverton

Support e-bikes on forest trails

If Mt. Bachelor ski area can operate a money factory on the national forest, we should definitely be able to ride an e-bike on a trail. Allowing e-bikes on our public lands is a great idea. It increases accessibility for people that could not otherwise enjoy the forest. The environmental impact on the forest from an e-bike is far less than a ski area. I support increasing access for e-bikes to the forest. It is our land.

— Todd Konwinski, Bend

E-bikes should be allowed on designated trails

We do not live in Bend, but are frequent visitors to the area. I strongly support reasonable access for e-bikes to designated Forest Service (and other) trails. I am 75 years old, but still enjoy the opportunity to be out on my bike. At my age, my e-bike has been a game changer. I can still ride with my son and son-in-law (they’re very patient!). I don’t ride fast, rip, carve or otherwise damage the trail, or other riders. Any opportunity to expand my riding opportunities would be terrific. Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

—Dick Ziglar, Port Orchard, Washington

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Regarding E-Bikes on Forest trails:

E-Bikes should not be allowed on all forest trails. They should stay on the ample number of trails approved for motorized vehicle usage.

The limited places where a hiker or mountain biker can go for a quiet & relaxing hike / ride are few enough and already becoming overcrowded. Admit it - E-Bikes have motors and there are already plenty of trails open to that form of recreation.


Regarding Term Limits are a Must:

Term limits alone won't improve our democracy. Past elected representatives continue to lobby current representatives to do the bidding of those who çontribute large amounts of money to campaigns, thus propagating the success of this or that party or agenda.

More important is Campaign Finance reform and regulation of lobbies.

Face it - it's all about the money = winning = power.

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