Will society accept the release of the people connected with the murder of Barbara Thomas?

Remorse now? Did they really get what they deserved? Do they deserve freedom? Well, the family of Barbara Thomas does not think so I’m sure! I am an outsider who knew one of Barbara’s friends, who has since passed away from cancer. She thought her a wonderful friend and was shocked terribly when the murder happened! This is a bitter injustice! Will society accept them? They’re going to get a chance to find out! Lucky them!

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Sen Kropp refers to the current Senate situation as tyranny of the majority. He and his fellow no-shows are actually engaged in tyranny of the minority. Our system of government allows for healthy debate, including in the Oregon Senate. Promising to return (another opportunity for Republicans to break a promise) on the final day to pass bills misses the whole debate point. Senators are already complaining about the reading level of bills already before them. How on earth will they read all of the bills they promise to pass in less than a day? Tyranny of the minority is being forced on all Oregonians.


Our democratic system is based on "one person one vote" this is the system when we vote in state elections and making remarks about where a person lives in Oregon shows that the person making the remark doesn't believe in democracy.


My Senator is representing me and others by stopping really bad Portland liberal bills being forced on the state. Do you really want your child getting an abortion without you legally being told among other issues. All the failed leader of the Democrats, another union paid lobbyist from Portland needs to do is withdraw three bills and the Senate moves.


Yes, sure, because your holier then thou Republican Senators are correct on everything, so they should get to play the "I don't like this game, so I'm taking my ball and going home..." game, right. Wrong. We spoke as voters across the board. I hope we see none of them again.


Weak. Republicans are weak are democracy. They do not know how to play compromise. They cannot negotiate. They can only quit. Republicans are quitters. They quit democracy, they’ve embraced a lying, convicted man, they quit negotiations, they’ve quit on those of us who voted for them. Glad that 60+% of Oregonians approved measure to expel quitters.

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