Known for its picturesque landscape, with thousand-foot sheer cliffs and volcanic tuff formations, Oregon’s Owyhee canyon country is home to native redband rainbow trout, chukar, mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, and one of the nation’s largest free-roaming herds of California bighorn sheep in recent history. The Owyhee region is also recognized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as one of the last remaining strongholds of intact sagebrush steppe habitat, which supports Oregon’s largest population of greater sage grouse.

Hunters and anglers value this rugged, wildlife-rich landscape. As one of the premier destinations for sportsmen and -women in Oregon, now more than ever, the Owyhee Canyonlands need permanent protection to safeguard our hunting, angling and outdoor recreation heritage.

The Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act (S. 2828) is part of a laudable effort aimed at finding collaborative solutions for the social and economic well-being of Malheur County and in ensuring benefits to fish and wildlife and the local outdoor recreation economy. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Oregon Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Oregon Hunters Association, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Trout Unlimited support the multiple uses of public land in this region and recognize that good stewardship means sustainable ranching, wildlife habitat management, public access and meaningful resource conservation. That’s why, on behalf of nearly 20,000 sportsmen and -women in Oregon, we’re urging Rep. Walden and Sens. Wyden and Merkley to work together with due haste to refine and pass this vital legislation in 2020.

— Michael O’Casey lives in Bend and is a member of the Owyhee Sportsmen’s Coalition

We write in response to what we see as a glaring omission in The Bulletin’s coverage of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. While we concede Joe Biden’s name is at the top of the ticket and he will control the levers of power of our great nation, it is telling that The Bulletin doesn’t mention Harris’ name until A4.

We don’t intend to impugn the reporters’ or editors’ historical perspective, but Harris represents an important demographic sea change in America. It is meaningful that she’s the first female, African American, Indian American, second-generation immigrant to serve as vice president. Joe is wonderful; our time is met perfectly by Joe’s character and compassion. However, Kamala represents the change that is America. We will be a multiethinic, pluralistic society, with all the trials and mishaps that entails.

It would behoove The Bulletin to embrace these realities and shuffle them into your coverage of local and national events. One last thought: Oregon and Bend in particular is becoming more diverse (as evidenced by the City Council results and ballot measures). I can only hope that your publication continues to critique popular sentiment, but reflects these trends in the positions of power and influence within your newsroom.

— Brian Marlowe and Brooke Rydstrom, Bend

President-elect Biden has called for “unity” now that he has been elected to the presidency. One presumes this means he wants an end to rioting, looting and defacement of our cities, and to “protesting” in general. One presumes it is a plea to the Republicans who control the Senate to go along with his legislative agenda. After all, “unity” makes it easier to govern if everyone is marching in lockstep. But where were the calls for “unity” when President Trump was elected in 2016? I don’t remember hearing any calls from Democrats for “unity.” Do you?

Instead, what we got were calls for “resistance” and cries of “not my president” and charges that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to get elected, and time-wasting impeachment proceedings, and lockstep hatred for Trump from the DNC and the mainstream media, and rioting/looting/burning/defacement in many of our major cities, with nary a word opposing such behavior from any national or local Democrat. Not to mention rampant and incessant identity politics. Why, even the vice president- elect finds it convenient to self-identify as Black.

So, yes, “unity” is a good thing — if you are a Democrat. But if you are a Republican, well, “resistance” is the order of the day. The hypocrisy of Biden and the Democrats is just mind-boggling. But it is not unexpected.

— Mike Koonce, Bend

I had the misguided thought that The Bulletin was a “hometown” newspaper, yet alas, I was wrong after reading Tuesday’s front-page article written by a reporter with The Washington Post, one of the most liberal and biased papers in the country. It just reinforces the concept of media bias in the USA. I am very disappointed in your headline choice.

— Gale Blanchard, Redmond

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