Oregon water laws are out of date

While some suffer from drought, for most of us it is just another hardship story we read about. But the problems faced by farmers and rural communities don’t happen in a vacuum. The social, economic, and ecological consequences of letting farms fail in Jefferson County will impact all of us.

Water conservation through hard infrastructure improvements and market tools can help in the long term, but we have an immediate crisis. In spite of collaboration between irrigation districts, existing rules make water sharing between irrigation districts too onerous to implement, even in times of drought and severe hardship.

As long as we are shackled by antiquated water law and policies that perpetuate and reinforce the unbalanced distribution of this vital resource, we will not be able to address the needs of the river, farms, and municipalities.

— Gail Snyder, founder, Coalition for the Deschutes

What about the Giants?


In Monday’s Bulletin I read about the 49ers losing to the Seahawks and how the Mariners haven’t made the playoffs in 20 years, but not one word on the Giants’ historic achievement. So as a Bay Area native and lifelong Giants fan I thought I’d try to fill the void. Come on, Bulletin, I know my wife and I aren’t the only Giants fans in town. How about throwing us a bone!

— Rick Neufeld, Bend

Bend, don’t be complacent

My wife and I recently purchased property in Bend and plan to build and move to Bend within the next year, from Portland.

In just two years Portland has gone from a wonderful city to a city scarred by unlawful public camping, public littering and dump sites, graffiti everywhere, and abusive public drunks or otherwise intoxicated people ranting in the streets and accosting people going about their business. Downtown is boarded up and is a shell of its former self.

Portland is doing little to deal with these problems, and people — like us — are leaving. Every couple we know is either planning to leave, has already done so.

I urge Bend not to be so complacent with these problems. Help the homeless that will accept help. Absolutely!

But do so while having no tolerance for littering and public dumping, unlawful camping, public intoxication, or the harassment of others.

— Gano Lemoine, Portland

Humanity is missing in new coalition

There’s no “humanity” in the new Bend Humanity Coalition. Instead there’s a cynical view that our homeless people should be rounded up and shoved out. Conservative political consultant Jeff Eager uses a time-honored trick of naming the organization something that sounds positive, only to inject an inhumane voice into the dialog on this important issue facing our community. The Bulletin should not give him so much visibility without calling the thinly veiled “coalition” what it actually is — a right-wing attack on our most vulnerable population.

— Louis Capozzi, Bend

Please get yourself and your children vaccinated

Diphtheria was unknown to me as a child in 1948. All in my second grade class were back from Christmas vacation excepting for Marilyn, a classmate and friend. She would be back soon from her Christmas trip to family out of state.

Then diphtheria came to the Rogue Valley and all of us in Mrs. Jewett’s classroom in Central Point were lined up to be vaccinated. All of us but Marilyn.

A few days later, Marilyn returned and rejoined us at school. And then she was absent; she was sick. I never saw her again. Mrs. Jewett told us that Marilyn had died from diphtheria. We all knew what it meant to die. We had seen farm animals or pets die; we knew they never came back. Marilyn never came back. To this day I miss my friend.

I implore all parents to get their children vaccinated. Don’t subject your child or their classmates to having one of their own die. If that happens, they will remember it their entire life. Marilyn died 73 years ago and the memory is still there.

Please get vaccinated; please get your child or children vaccinated!

— Joan Landsberg, Bend

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Transitory Inflation

Wha what about the NY Giants, huh?! They won their first game of the season Sunday. And, crickets.....


Thank you Rick Neufeld. I, too, am a San Francisco Giants fan. They do deserve better Bulletin coverage for this awesome season. But, that can be said for all of Major League Baseball. As much as I like many of the changes that have been made under new Bulletin ownership, the sports pages are still terrible. The Bulletin coverage of baseball this past season (compare it to the NFL coverage) has been atrocious. Non-existent, really. That four-page pullout is one of the quickest reads in the west. Go Giants. As for the Forty-Niners...is John Brodie still the QB?

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