Negotiating with St. Charles

I am a registered, diagnostic ultrasound technologist and a 40-year employee at St. Charles Health Systems in Bend. I am one of approximately 150 technologists at the hospital who are frontline caregivers, including respiratory therapists, surgical technologists, radiation oncology technologists, technologists in all of radiology and in the heart center, and others. We work alongside doctors and registered nurses, treating traumatic injuries, critically ill patients, and, of course, those who have contracted COVID-19.

In 2019, my colleagues and I voted to build a union to improve our workplace, gain fair wages and benefits, and to ensure that St. Charles continues to deliver the absolute best patient care. We are seeking a contract that will keep local health care provided through St. Charles system functioning at a high level to serve patients throughout the region. The experience that we have accumulated over the years could be lost to Bend area families if some of us must turn elsewhere to receive fair compensation.

I am on our bargaining team and over the past year while we have been in negotiations, hospital administration has dragged its feet. Like so many of my colleagues, I am disappointed in my employer’s behavior. That is why we recently held an informational picket - to make sure the community knows what is happening in their hospital.

We are committed to continuing to provide the best care possible. Our hope is that you will support us to ensure the hospital does the right thing for its employees.

— Dee Dee Schumacher, Bend

Letter to Cliff Bentz

Your vote to protect Marjorie Taylor Greene was yet another clear indication of your support for hatred, violence and the overthrow of our democracy. You have condoned the idea of killing Congresswomen with whom you work. You have given credence to outrageous and obviously fictional conspiracy theories. You have endorsed dangerous racist, misogynistic and Semitic lies. You have encouraged citizens to distrust a free and fair election, fracturing our precious democratic process. You have perpetuated the Big Lie and the violent, seditious attack on our Capitol. Instead of honoring your oath to defend and protect our constitution, you have sworn allegiance to a man who would throw out the legitimate votes of the American people and appoint himself dictator. You are a disgrace, and you insult each and every Oregonian in your district. We will not forget, Cliff.

— Janet Keen, Camp Sherman

Distribute vaccine by age

Why does Oregon State need a 27-person panel to determine who gets the COVID vaccine? Does this panel shield the Governor and the head of the Oregon Health Authority from being held accountable for the mismanaged distribution plan? Today's Wall Street Journal (Feb. 5th) had a great editorial about rationing the vaccine. It stated and I quote "Basing eligibility in stages from oldest to youngest from now on is simple, scientific and fair. As supply increases, this will be the fastest way to inoculate the most people, reduce demands on the health-care system, and allow more businesses to reopen." Unfortunately, our Governor and health authority chose to create another bureaucratic panel which has slowed the delivery of the vaccine to the oldest and most needy citizens of Central Oregon.

— Steven Bahr, Bend

Legislature should not decide company boards

Directors are theoretically put on boards for their ability to aid the company in creating profits for it's stock holders. Unless the company is somehow supported by the government (as a major customer) the government should have no right to interfere in its business. Any company with self respect should tell the government to "Take a Hike". Where in the U.S. Constitution is it acceptable for the government to dictate private business practices?

— Jay Feinstein, Bend

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Janet Keen is over the top. I think it's the Democrats who are trying to overthrow the tenets of democracy - re-education camps and drone strikes for Trump voters. What about the profusion of calling those with different opinions as racist, misogynistic, etc? What about Maxine Water commands to confront conservatives? What about AOC claiming Ted Cruz attempted to murder her and how she escaped the capitol rioters (yes, rioter as where the evidence of "insurrection"). Then there's Biden's record breaking executive order frenzy: it's a bad idea for either party to legislate from the executive branch.

All of her rhetoric is nothing but hate and delusion.


That’s for sure! Janet represents the non-thinkers; the sheep who follow their evil shepherds bent on the destruction of America. In an earlier letter to The Bulletin, Janet wrote, “Law and order applies to all Americans; no one is above the law.“ Yet Janet, like most liberals, failed to acknowledge or condemn the months of rioting and destruction her ilk wreaked upon our country. Shame on you, Janet Keen from Camp Sherman.


She's right, no one is above the law, and that includes trump who invited and incited the insurrection that occurred on 1/6. He started his big lie about a rigged election months before the general election which was legally won by President Biden. While people died on 1/6 at the Capitol Building, trump did nothing. Whatta guy. As to the demonstrations and violence. Nobody condoned the violence, yet is anyone surprised since racism was the bad for it all to happen in the first place. Shame on you for being conned by the great grifter and still kissing up to him.


Ahhh, the voice of OAN, Newsmax, Fox, and maybe a little Q reasoning. Love the drone strikes on trump voters comment. Not that I would want anything like that, but who comes up with that kinda conspiracy poop. Oh, maybe the Pillow Guy. As to reeducation camps for the trump folks, it's not worth the tax dollars.


You assume much and yet again have no evidence - it's not up to me to prove innocence of your vacuous accusations. The clip I was referring to about the drone strikes was on MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace suggesting drone strikes on those falsely accused of "domestic terrorism". It will take some reading, but here is a link: https://thepostmillennial.com/watch-msnbc-expert-casually-suggests-killing-american-citizens-with-drone-strikes. I can't seem to find the clip on MSNBC, where the interview occurred: why did they remove it?

Can you define the word insurrection and provide the details and facts about how a few thousand people thought they were pushing back against the US government, or as is my interpretation, they were just breaking in to show how mad they were, very similar to BLM/antifa has done all summer long over many cities, including Portland and Seattle? There was no intent to commit a coup, seize power or change the election outcome, but again the burden of proof is on you to show otherwise if that's what you truly believe. Based on past comments, I doubt you can make much of a case for any of your accusations.

Finally, will you disavow and condemn all racism in any form and say that "all lives matter, including white and police"? If you can't recognize that we all matter, why should we value what you have to say? You strike me as a race hustler trying to get dark toned people in fear of the "white bogeyman" so you can be seen as some kind of savior tilting at windmills. It takes no courage to rage against something, like "systemic racism" that doesn't exist. People of all shades will be much better off the sooner voices like yours are shown, via transparent discussion, to be the primary source of hate, racism and prejudice.


Wasn't asking for proof Skittish. "All lives matter.."? "The insurrection was the same as BLM protests"? And so on and so on and so on. While you say a lot of stuff, you still show a lack of understanding of our country's history on race, government, etc.

What country are you from? Or trolling from for that matter?


You are the one that has the burden of proof to show you know anything. How do we know about your knowledge of history - seems you live in a romanticized view of it. It's 2021, not 1864 so at least catch up with the century.

At least Trump could denounce racism on numerous occasions whereas you can't even manage it once. So, are you "refusing to denounce" black supremacy or not?


Bwahahaha, trump denouncing racism, the bedrock of his followers. "Stand back and stand by.." says trump when given an opportunity by Chris Wallace to denounce the Proud Boys during the first debate. "There are good people on both sides.." after Charlottsville. Black supremacy. That's rich.

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