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Bravo for taking a stand for science-based information on climate change. Please know that you have many, many supporters out here.

It’s a gutsy thing to do in these angry times. Good on ya.

— Suzanne Staples, Bend

I am disgusted with the Gerry O‘Brien editorial policy on climate change because of the obvious restrictions on free debate.

Man-caused catastrophic climate change has been denied by thousands of concerned academics including the likes of Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Peter Singer, Dr. Judith Curry, etc., etc.

Government-funded programs to address the presumed disaster such as solar panels or wind turbines have inherent flaws, huge costs and cause serious environmental damage.

None of the proposed climate formulae have accurately followed or predicted the earths temperature using CO2 as the proxy to explain the factual observations of earths temperature by the best measurements available by satellite.

Academic research is largely funded by government politics which is motivated to support CO2 control in order to redistribute the economic wealth on the planet and not to save the planet.

Paradoxically, the USA has reduced CO2 more than all the nations still in the Paris Climate Accords

— J. Thomas Pinckard, Sunriver

I am concerned about The Bulletin’s new editorial policy regarding climate change. As explained by editor Gerry O’Brien, “We have decided to limit our guest editorial space regarding this topic to those who are well-versed in the science of climate change.”

My assumption was that meant people with high levels of education and or experience.

The very next day we have a guest column from Kira Gilbert explaining that we only have 11 years to drastically cut our carbon emissions before this climate crisis is irreversible.

Kira Gilbert wrote an intelligent and coherent article. (Especially for a high school junior)

My only concern is if an average citizen such as myself were to write with a contradictory view, I would not be heard.

— Ken Turner, Crooked River Ranch

Thank you so much for announcing on Jan. 30 that The Bulletin and EO Media Group will clearly affirm the reality of human-influenced climate change. Our public education, business, and political agencies must explain and act on scientific facts. The public strongly supports urgent action!

— Allan Smyth, Prineville

Thank you, editor Gerry O’Brien and high school student Kira Gilbert, for your courageous stands on the reality of climate change in The Bulletin. Your voices are critical to making a difference. Right now the Oregon Legislature faces a bill reducing climate change damage that Republicans are already threatening to boycott by walking out! All of our voices count, but I want to reassure you both that many people have been fighting for awareness and change for many decades. We started in the sixties during the Earth First movement; giving away our electric can opener wedding gift, reusing plastic bags, sharing a lawn mower with other couples, small things individuals could do! Now in our seventies, we built a “green” partially solar house, gave up one car, still use the second hand furniture I learned to refinish, used a hand mower until we couldn’t, and now march and donate to the candidates who support action. But we need your youth, your energy and your influence to carry the fight forward! Do not despair, we are still here!

— Wendie Vermillion, Sisters

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And the "MLK holiday deserved more" but was lost in the wash.

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