In response to Gov . Kate Brown’s letter to the Redmond School Board asking for their help and cooperation to stop the spread of COVID-19, Shawn Hartfield, chairwoman of the Redmond School Board, told The Bulletin that Brown’s letter “fails to address her broken promises to Oregonians across the state.”

Those promises were made months ago before the delta variant of the virus appeared in Oregon. This variant is behaving very differently from the original virus in that it is more contagious and more virulent, and it appears to be more harmful to a younger segment of the population.

Three months ago, it looked like we had gotten ahead of the virus and could take fewer precautions. We are now battling a very different virus than we faced three months ago. If Gov . Brown had been able to see into the future when she made her “promises,” I’m sure she would have said something different.

Accusing her of “broken promises” is at least disingenuous (by making it into a political issue) and at best ignores what it takes to subdue a pandemic. If Ms. Hartfield just wants to open schools no matter what the risks are, she should have the courage to admit it. But to accuse the governor of breaking promises is just another way to try to whip up animosity against the policies made by the public servants who are trying to protect our children.

— John Collins, Bend

Rivers Edge homeowners tout that they were given the promise of views of a golf course and one in which to play.

Bend was advertised as “the place to retire,” but it only brought false promises to those who wanted to get away from big-city traffic and clutter. Bend is becoming a city — and I mean that in the sense of BIG. Why does the city continue to allow builders to grab more acreage on which to build homes on lands that should remain open and free?

Soon, we may no longer have the views of the mountains as taller buildings will cause the city planners to salivate at more money coming in from builders. Our homes are already under attack with the traffic noise that comes from expansion.

Bend became just another small city straining at its waistline to become just another big city that is rapidly losing its charm.

— Clarissa Jurgensen, Bend

When U.S. Rep . Cliff Bentz hosted a town hall in Redmond, he explained that he signed a letter asking for an investigation into voter fraud claims and for a committee to be appointed to investigate those claims regarding the 2020 election.

Bentz said, “The challenge for us right now is how do we make sure these kind of investigations are done in a fair and impartial way.”

The 2020 election was a fair election across the country, and there have been no court cases proving anything to the contrary. Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said there was no fraud; Attorney General William Barr said there was no fraud.

Rep . Bentz also assured the crowd that, as for elections in Oregon, the state’s system is secure. That is a point where I agree with Rep . Bentz. I think the Oregon election system is secure — in fact, I think it is one of the very best in the entire country.

My request of Rep. Bentz is to talk to congressional leaders across the country and ask them to promote an election system like we have in Oregon for their respective states. This is an opportunity for Rep . Bentz to do something positive and forward thinking. I hope that he takes me up on the idea.

— Joe Craig, Bend

Recently, there was a two-car accident on Baker Road “highway,” which intersects with Indian Summer Road in Deschutes River Woods. People drive like it is the bypass here in front of my house. Why?

I have never seen a police vehicle sitting and watching. They might be overwhelmed writing out tickets. I actually believed things might change after this accident.

How are drivers allowed to race vehicles at high speeds in front of our homes? Flashing speed signs don’t work unless a police officer is present .

I saw so many police vehicles at this accident. Where are they prior to an accident?

I like our police officers. Thank you for your service — coming from a former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, 1970-73.

But, can we see some tickets written for speeding on our neighborhood highway Baker Road and Sioux Lane?

— Mike Ziegelmeyer, Bend

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Shawn Hartfield is awesome. Kate brown needs to resign


I’m so fortunate that Shawn Hartfield was not the chairwoman of the School Board I attended years ago. If she were I’d likely have polio etc or I’d be dead. But at least I’d have had my “freedom” for the time before I died.

When did the concept of community responsibility disappear, to be replaced by extreme individual liberty?


When did self responsibility become government telling you what to do? Sad you need to be told.


Yes, it is sad you have to be told. People should do it because it’s the right thing to do.

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