The Independent Party of Oregon and its officers thought The Bulletin’s recent non-endorsement in the race for Oregon’s House District 53 demanded a response.

While we appreciate The Bulletin’s local journalism and thoughtful independent editorial perspective over the years, we were stunned to see you continue to ignore warning signs about Republican candidate Michael Sipe. Both in coverage to date and now in your editorial stance on the race, you’ve excused or failed to recognize Mr. Sipe’s pattern of political extremism, including his denialism over the 2020 election results and encouragement of a “holy war” in the days leading up to the January 6 assaults in Washington, D.C. His professional ties to a Trump-associated business are similarly concerning.

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The independent party is nothing but a front for Democrats. Typical of the sleazy tactics liberals are using.


Republicans like Greg weren’t saying that during all of the years the party backed Knute a Buehler and other Republican moderates.

The Independent Party of Oregon has, for years, nominated a mix of Republican and Democratic candidates. In 2022, the refusal of the GOP to stand up to those in their own coalition, like Michael Sipe, who are literally threatening bedrock principles of our democracy will not go unchallenged by the Independent Party of Oregon and should not be ignored by any person of good conscience.

I hope the GOP rediscovers it’s moderate roots, and makes a clear and unequivocal break with extremism, and the ugliness that has overtaken the partt.

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