I have known Ray Miao for over 25 years. We met when he was organizing the homeowners in Woodside Ranch to make our neighborhood safer from wildfire. We are now a nationally recognized FireWise Community thanks to Ray. This is just one example of his dedication to making Bend a better place to live.

My grandchildren have fun reading and learning through programs such as summer reading. Ray was a strong advocate for making the children’s library even better. Every library now has an Early Learning Center, preparing kids for reading, school and learning and showing parents how to help.

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. Can you believe liberals did that. Wow… In Texas, Democrats walked out for 93 days in 2021 in a failed effort to stop a Republican-backed voting bill that added stricter rules to the state's elections



Huh, when you read about what terds your party heroes were to deny voting rights, looks like the Dems were doing the right thing for all Texans.

What's that make you greggie


Gee duckey the bill passed and the bill strengthened legal voting rights.Liberals hate when illegals cannot cast ballots for them.


Gee greggie, we've had strong and secure voting rights for decades and decades, and they were in place when your orange headed hero started complaining that he would lose because of cheating 8 months before the 2020 election. Never any proof of that but he leads the grifted like you around pretty easily with that chain in your nose


The Texas citizens did not vote for any measure which demands and penalizes legislators for NOT working and walking out. Oregon citizens did. So the people waling out here? They’re basically saying “we’re not going to do the job you wanted” to their voters, and “we don’t care 60+% of Oregon citizens expect us to work”.


Jean Carlton, Bend Sen Knopp is working for us. When you have alone sided leftwing legislature and a leader who refuses to work in a bipartisan manner you do what you need to protect the state from Portland liberals.

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