McPherson Douglass and LeGrand for Bend schools

My ballot arrived on Saturday, was eagerly filled out and is already in the mailbox to be picked up on Monday! If you aren’t as obsessive as I am, and are still wondering who to vote for, I want to strongly encourage you to support two amazing candidates for the Bend-La Pine School Board: Carrie McPherson Douglass and Marcus LeGrand. They bring extensive experience in education and each has spent a substantial number of years in the community. (Carrie graduated from Bend Hight School!) They have proven track records and have made significant investments — in both time and energy — in numerous projects and activities that benefit this community and our children.

Carrie and Marcus are incredibly hard working, passionate and approachable people who try to build partnerships and create win-win situations. I know them personally and can heartily say that we will be a better community with them on the school board!

— Bruce Abernethy, Bend

Help the people who live here

Kudos to Bill Eddie! Finally someone had the guts to write in a guest column in The Bulletin about how I feel/hope a lot of us Bendites are thinking — that someone needs to jump on the City Council/Visitors Bureau to stop 1) promoting Bend as the place to visit/live, and 2) giving what looks like carte blanche to builders to destroy what open areas we have left to build homes/apartments, etc. wherever and whenever they can. Example, the closing of River’s Edge Golf Course, which will house more and more million -dollar homes, the buildup of at least 100 homes, etc. on the east side, bordering Deschutes Market Road and Butler Market Road and more. When will all this stop? Or will we eventually become conjoined with La Pine to the south, Powell Butte to the east, Redmond to the north and Sisters to the west and beyond? A lot of us won’t be alive to witness this sprawl, but until then are there not enough Bendites who are willing to be up in arms about what’s happening to our area? Certainly there are some of you willing to fight for keeping more open spaces! Reread Bill Eddie’s column in the Sunday Bulletin. It can’t be explained any better than that!

— Clarissa Jurgensen, Bend

McPherson Douglass for Bend schools

Katie and I have been residents of Bend for 47 years. During that time we have always exercised our right to vote. We pay close attention to local, state and federal elections. We have always supported our schools, and, during these times of uncertainty, it is extremely important to ensure we have the leadership on our school board that provides our children, our teachers and our community with the support necessary to give all of us a viable path going forward.

Carrie McPherson Douglass is the right choice for Bend-La Pine School Board director, Zone 1. She is a tireless worker, compassionate, knowledgeable and committed. She cares deeply about our kids and brings all the tools required to serve the board in a capacity that will enhance the success of Bend-La Pine Schools.

We have known Carrie for all of her life and thank her for the positive contributions she has made to our community. Please join us in voting for her reelection to the board.

— Larry and Katie Kimmel, Bend

Vora for Bend parks

Robin Vora has served as a colleague with me on the Bend Historic Landmarks Commission for the past five years. In that time the commission has made decisions regarding some contentious building projects in the Historic District. Robin has always been prepared for these decisions by collecting the facts of each project, listening to all the pros and cons of the proposals, knowing and understanding the role of the commission and applying the letter and spirit of city ordinance and state and federal guidelines in a fair and problem -solving manner. In my role as chair of the commission, I have found him cooperative, businesslike, and though sometimes we disagree, easy to work with.

I know Robin serves the community in more ways than the Landmarks Commission. For instance, he also served on the Bend Urban Renewal Advisory Board and serves on the Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District Board. In addition to the government agencies, he is also a volunteer for the Tower Theatre. No one serves Bend more than Robin Vora. He would make an excellent member of the board of directors of the Bend Park & Recreation District. I urge all Bend voters to elect Robin Vora to the park board. This is a personal endorsement of Robin Vora and not to be construed as anything more than an expression of my regard for Robin.

—Jerry Sebestyen, Bend

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