The city of Bend is considering a home energy score program. To be clear, what’s being proposed is a mandate, not a choice, and failure to obtain an energy score for your home at the time of listing could result in initial fines of up to $750. How did we get here? In 2019, the city of Bend passed its Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) — a wide-ranging set of strategies focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the programs outlined in the plan were goals for the city — for example, “Provide 100% renewable electricity supply to the community.” For the community actions, the plan stated it would, “encourage and incentivize businesses and residents, through voluntary efforts, to reduce GHG emissions and fossil fuel use.” One of the strategies was a home energy score program, a tool that is used to evaluate certain features of a home (windows, insulation, etc.) in order to provide a numerical score designed to rate its energy efficiency. A helpful tool and an option that is currently available in our community. In the plan that was approved by council, getting a home energy score was not a requirement. That plan received broad public support. But now the City’s Environment and Climate Committee is recommending a mandatory home energy score program. The city is now accepting public comment on the draft ordinance at tinyurl.com/BendHES. Ask the City Council to honor the intent of the Climate Action Plan and its voluntary actions for the community.

— Susanna Abrahamson, Bend

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The Realtors love to talk about potential fines but fail to mention that complying with the law is projected to cost between $150-300 dollars and only applies to people selling their home. This is an important transparency measure to help our market funciton propertly - similar to mpg on a car!


Yes to home energy scores! A requirement for houses being listed for sale to include their energy score seems reasonable. If a bunch of developers want to whine about the extra $750, I'm not exactly moved to tears.

Transitory Inflation

'...failure to obtain an energy score for your home at the time of listing...'

Time of listing? Is that a first, a disclosure keyed on listing?


I think we would be better off mandating a crime report of the area.

The idea of a energy score should be paid for by the buyer, if they choose to.


Sure and let's bring redlining back while we're at it! /s

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