Last Thursday , you were a no-show at remembrances of the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection. You saw yourself last year how a violent mob, incited by the loser ex-president, stormed the Capitol aiming to overturn the fair election of President Joe Biden.

In contrast, last Thursday Oregon’s Sen. Ron Wyden spoke on the floor of the Senate in remembrance, defending Americans’ right to vote and to have our votes count. And while Sen. Jeff Merkley and the rest of Oregon’s House delegation issued strong statements condemning the Jan. 6 terrorist attack on our Capitol and on our free and fair elections, you said nothing. Why?

Why didn’t you represent the people of Oregon’s 2nd District by your presence or at least by your word? You should have stood up for the rule of law, our Constitution and our vote. You and the rest of the Republicans should have honored the memory of police like United States Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who protected you and your colleagues from the rioters and died as a consequence.

After a year, it’s time. Put country before party. Admit you were wrong to buy into Trump’s poisonous Big Lie about a “stolen” election. Acknowledge that your vote against Joe Biden’s certification as president was a mistake.

Tell me and the rest of Oregon’s 2nd District why you didn’t commemorate Jan. 6.

— Dorothy Leman, Bend

The cost of rent

Much is being written regarding the lack of affordable housing for middle -class incomes and driving the restaurant workers and caregivers and the like out of Central Oregon.

I realize that a lot of entities are working toward higher-density housing and high-rises and converting single -family zoning to accommodate the same; all of which will come with rent costs higher than today due in inflation affecting ongoing build costs.

My interest is why no one talks about current rent costs for apartments coming on stream in Bend and Redmond and how they will help alleviate the lack of available housing. Seeing large apartment projects going up in Redmond on U.S. Highway 97 and on Canal Street and in Bend in the Old Mill District, there are probably 2,000 -plus units. I would like to see a comparison of rent compared to the funds available from middle-class earners; which I will judge to be between $36,000 and $60,000.

Using the rule of thumb that one-third of disposable income should go to housing costs; you get $1,000 per month for the $36k earner and $1,600 for the $60k earner. I would estimate those 200-plus apartments coming on stream would be $2,000 per month or more.

This does not seem to match the need as rental housing costs are also headed upward. I would be delighted if I were proven wrong.

— Ed Kimball, Bend

Tony DeBone’s opponents

I read with interest that two men are running against Tony DeBone for Deschutes County commissioner. With one of them, it’s all about a loss of personal liberties and rights being trampled. In public discourse (I may be using that term loosely), I never hear about the responsibilities that go along with those rights, which is rather surprising given these are Republican candidates. Now, if anti-vaxers and anti-maskers would accept the consequences of their actions, I might be inclined to take them seriously. So how about it? If you have chosen not to be vaccinated and you refuse to wear a mask, will you suffer at home should you come down with COVID-19? Will you have the courage not to show up at our hospitals and medical facilities thus overburdening them simply because you have the freedom to turn down vaccinations and the freedom to refuse to wear a mask? Right, I didn’t think so.

— Robert Currie, Bend

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Dorothy Leman's hate fill false statements are typical of what we hear from Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. The Capitol officer did not die because of the incursion which was detailed by the medical examiner. Ad Congressman Bentz rightfully stayed away from the Democrats garbage show. Wyden and Merkley do nothing but talk and spout false rhetoric all the time in a shameless display. But they certainly excite their leftwing base of liberals, the same ones that watched other liberals loot, burn, riot, and destroy property while saying not a word.. So Dorothy put away your liberal canned talking points.


Might want to look at the number of fingers pointing back at you with regards to who's the one giving a hate filled comment.

Truer words were never spoken on this subject than by her.


It is well documented the “voters right” bill is not what people like Wyden claim and it’s proven states like New York where Wyden lives have more restrictive restrictions than any of the Republican states.


It's well documented that Trump lost by 7+million votes and by a large electoral majority. It's well documented over decades that our system of elections were looked upon as a gold standard internationally until trump and folks like you and other Repubs decided to tear the system down with innuendo and falsehoods. It's well documented that there was no fraud

in the last election other than from Republicans themselves. The Dems seem to be the smarter group here and you're proving it.


Yes Buckey Trump lost. Bentz is say what liberals do not want to hear. Liberals poured hundreds of millions into the campaign in very deceptive ways which is not surprising. Trumps mouth cost him but the country lost with a senile old man. Dems are already making excuses for the wipeout that’s coming.


Bwahahahaha, sure greg. BTW, might be a good idea for you to visit a therapist. Take care of that hate thing you have going.


I think Dorothy's letter was on-point...could you provide an example of just one of her "false statements"? Everything seems accurate, and I wouldn't mind hearing any sort of answer from Rep. Bentz.

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