I noted in Wednesday’s edition of The Bulletin a letter to the editor suggesting that a managed camp for the “houseless” be established across the street from the Bulletin offices, giving its reporters a closeup look at how the camp was functioning.

I have a better proposal: The city should buy or lease Troy Field from the school district and establish the first managed camp thereon.

The field is flat, clear of debris and obstacles and already fenced; and most importantly the field is across the street from City Hall, thus allowing City Council members and their staffs to observe the functioning of the camp and its progress in assisting the camp clients.

There is further in that the school district can finally dispose of an unneeded property and the proceeds to a better use.

— Stephen L. Katz, Bend

On Aug. 10 the Redmond City Council approved funding of $931,000 for three homeless projects: Bethlehem Inn, Shepherds House and the Oasis Project ( which entailed building a secure homeless site on county land on the east side of Redmond).

These funds were only to be used as part of the overall cost to build or complete construction of these facilities.

They do not commit the city to manage or continue to support social programs as the city does not have the personnel or resources to do so and the entire council already knows that.

These funds were provided to the city by the federal government, which noted homeless projects as one of the eligible recipients. Of the $2.95 million received, the Redmond City Council also designated $2 million for the acquisition of land for a new police facility.

Despite pleas from scores of citizens, Redmond’s church community as well as many businesses and the head of Redmond’s economic development team, two of the city councilors continue to argue that the city should not be involved in helping the community solve its own homeless challenges. As a result Shepherd’s House pulled out and will seek funding elsewhere.

The mayor, who in August voiced his support for funding the Bethlehem Inn project, later followed his wife’s position that there should be no funding provided to give these entities the tools they need to succeed.

Instead a majority of the council decided to hold the homeless hostage to demand the county give more money.

The County Commission may or may not come to the rescue on Sept. 27.

If it does, a win for the homeless and the volunteer organizations that help them, but a very bad precedent for city/county relations in the future. If the commission does not, the council will need to show its citizens it actually cares about the livability of the community and fund the Bethlehem Inn and the Oasis project.

— Ed Fitch, Redmond city councilor

America’s war in Afghanistan is over. We owe all members of the armed forces our thanks and are forever indebted to them for their service and sacrifice.

When our service members are willing to fight and die overseas for our safety and security, how do we understand Americans who are unwilling to do the easiest things to protect our lives here in the homeland?

COVID-19 has killed more Americans than have died in all U.S. combat since WWII, more than 75 years ago. Are safe, painless inoculations and face coverings too much to ask?

Service members and Americans willing to protect their families, neighbors and communities with vaccinations and masks, are true American patriots. Others are certainly not.

— Peter Casey, Bend

There is a committee working on a single-payer health plan for the state of Oregon. Let’s see: insurance marketplace website — fail; unemployment computer/IT system — can’t seem to get that done after many years; currently not getting rent relief processed to keep people in their homes. Sure you want to trust them with our health insurance?

— Tracie Layman, Bend

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I'm going to keep this very short. You are not serving your readers when you don't have any coverage of the University of Oregon football game that ended just after 8 p.m., and claim that it's because of the lateness of the game. That is ridiculous. You must do better than that.

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