Sore losers are those who clearly lose but cannot accept their loss. Kids who are sore losers become enraged and vacate the ball field.

You’d think that after declaring bankruptcy and demonstrating numerous times that he lacks business acumen, the President Donald Trump would know about losing. Apparently not!

The worst of sore losers are those who destroy the playing field on the way out. It seems that this is exactly what sore loser Trump is committed to doing to our democracy. He cannot pick up our White House and go home; he must leave. The principle behind democracy is that if the current holder of an elected position loses, that person ensures a smooth transition to the next occupant. Democratic presidents also do this.

For four years, our Dear Leader has been committed to undermining the health of Americans and undermining our democracy in the service of self, family and despotic dictators across the globe. That behavior has been squarely rejected by the voters. It’s time for Trump and his cult followers to vacate the swamp they have created and go home. You lose! It’s time to go!

We need to take back the Senate from Trump’s corrupt enablers.

— Trisha Vigil, Medford

Mr. Trump should drop his lawsuits challenging the election results. Instead, he should resign immediately.

By resigning now, his first term ends after 3 years and 10 months, less than a full 4-year term. He can run again in 2024 and win. When the 2028 elections approach, he can argue that he has not been able to serve two full four-year terms and so he can run again in 2028.

In the meantime, Mike Pence can fill out the final two months of Mr. Trump’s term. Mr. Trump graciously avoids participating in Joe Biden’s inauguration, leaving that job to Mike Pence. Nobody is going to attend anyway.

Trump may have thought about this strategy . Reports have been made that he is smart. He received extra points for remembering the words “person, woman, man, camera, TV.” It is unclear why that makes him smart, but nevertheless, the reports have been made, and I believe them.

—Ken Brinich, Bend

Your column by The Washington Post editorial board that appeared in the Nov. 17 issue was very disconcerting regarding abolishing the Electoral College. Several months ago, in your Parade magazine, there was a great argument in favor of electoral votes written by Marilyn vos Savant.

I quote “We are the United States of America, and our states — starting with the original 13 colonies — are separate entities. It is understandably unacceptable to states with smaller populations to have their affairs decided by other states simply because more people live there.

Suppose there were a United Countries of Earth. Would we like the idea of China (population1.439 billion) and India (1.380 billion) running the show? (The U.S. has 331 million people). Or would we want a leveling factor?”

Frankly, I’d like to see the state of Oregon have their own version of the Electoral College so the counties with smaller populations have an equal vote in all our elections for our state officials, so the entire state is not decided by the northwest corner of the state.

— Bev Hudson, Bend

I am writing in response to the “My Nickel’s Worth” letter written by Gale Blanchard, Redmond, in the Nov. 12 paper.

I have followed the directions on page two of The Bulletin, which instructs the readers who want to talk to an editor to call a specific telephone number. I have placed a phone call three times to News Editor Tim Doran. Each time, I was sent to his voicemail. With each call, I left a message asking for the courtesy of a return call to have my question answered.

My question was this: “Why has The Bulletin not placed any articles about the information contained on Hunter Biden’s computer involving the business dealings that the Biden family had with the Communist Chinese Government?”

I am greatly disappointed that I never received a return phone call and that Tim Doran completely ignored my request. I can come to only one conclusion, and that is that The Bulletin (now under new ownership) is no longer interested in printing ALL the news, but only that news which is beneficial to the Democrat Party.

— Richard Landorf, Bend

Editor’s note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most editors and staff are working remotely, and may not return phone calls in a timely fashion.

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