Short-term rentals (STRs) hurt Bend neighborhoods and our City Council must act to drastically limit the location and numbers of STRs.

STRs take housing out of the long-term rental pool. STRs encourage speculators to buy housing for inflated prices. STRs only have to be 250 feet apart (Bend Code 3.6.500 E), meaning about every fifth home on some streets in Bend’s core neighborhoods can be converted to STR by investors placing profits over the livability of a neighborhood.

Instead of discouraging nonproductive STRs, the City Council’s new rules for more multifamily units, amazingly allows half (duplex) or a third (triplex) of new units to be unproductive STRs.

If the goal is affordable housing for residents, why allow so many new units to be STRs?

STRs damage neighborhoods. No one wants to live next door to one. STRs create a constant unease that the next visitors will be bad-mannered. While most tourists are respectful, far too many people paying $350 a night to party in Bend are not.

The constant potential for late-night noise, and impaired driving after doing the brewpub crawl, decreases the quiet enjoyment of everyone’s home.

A pending application in an older west-side neighborhood is a good example. A residence since it was built in the 1960s now has new owners applying for an STR over neighbor objections, but will still likely be approved. Every STR takes away a little bit of every neighbor’s property value and quiet enjoyment.

STRs reduce the pool of affordable housing in Bend.

— Greg Hendrix, Bend

Quite provocative the guest column which appeared in The Bulletin recently (“Oregon Our Oregon, not yours,” Sept. 29, 2021). From beginning to end, it makes one think hard about each of ours “our Oregon” or our country, our party, our priorities.

Congress is at the edge of the debt ceiling precipice, with Republicans blocking any agreement to avoid the shutdown of government and its horrible consequences.

Democrats, on the eve of being able (or not) to pass the most consequential and beneficial legislation for the country, the infrastructure plan, squabble amongst themselves over details the progressive wing insists must be included in an overall bill or threaten no support for the plan. While the progressive agenda is important, the possibility of derailing the overall Democratic proposals would prove disastrous for a brighter future for the country.

The fact that the majority of Republicans rally around the fallacy of a revived Trump second term based, it appears, solely on senators’ and representatives’ desire to keep their positions is cruelty. With no proposals for governance, Republicans seem to have decided to bow their heads and kiss the feet of the defeated former president.

Could all this be that current members of Congress cannot put country above their own personal or their lobbyist’s interests? Isn’t it time we show true patriotism and demand better from our politicians and less blind allegiances to party or failed so -called statesmen?

My country, ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty … let freedom ring!

— Carlos “Charlie” Wysling, Bend

In response to the two recent articles extolling the virtues of electric vehicles published by The Bulletin, and in order to present a balanced view, here’s a link to an article detailing the downsides of such vehicles: News — Electric Vehicles Aren’t Clean or Practical | Heartland Institute, tinyurl.com/badelectric.

Meanwhile, here’s a link that features responses to allegations leveled against Heartland Institute. It’s particularly interesting to me that any donation to that organization, regardless of subject, is characterized as funding by Big Oil to oppose anthropogenic global warming: heartland.org/about-us/reply-to-critics/.

— Donna Becker, Bend

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Carlos - only a leftwing Socialist thinks higher taxes and bigger government is good for anything. Biden is a failure and Pelosi and Schumer are both on their way out as voters realize how out of touch with the country they really are.


We have seen how Reagan's trickle down economy along with his defunding of mental healthcare funding have helped over the years haven't we. As to out of touch? Really? Still believing in der trumpster?

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