Phil Chang will help with wildfire

Labor Day 2017: Smoky skies in Central Oregon; outside furniture covered in wood ash; Jefferson Park and miles of the Pacific Crest Trail closed due to out of control wildfires.

Labor Day 2020: Ditto.

The Green Ridge, Lionshead, and P-515 wildfires illustrate just how badly we need strong leadership (at the federal, state and local levels) and advocacy for wildfire prevention and management, not in another year or two, but immediately. While I’m not sure our current county leaders fully grasp the scale and catastrophic potential of this issue and related issues including drought, I am confident that Phil Chang has the experience and expertise our County needs right now to tackle wildfires.

In 2009, Phil helped establish the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project and procure $10.1 million for the DCFP to implement forest restoration and fuels reduction projects in the Deschutes National Forest. Between 2009 and 2019, the DCFP brought together environmentalists, the U.S. Forest Service, timber industry representatives, fire fighters and other community partners to successfully implement thinning, mowing and prescribed fires across more than 120,000 acres. The DCFP employed more than 100 community members and the tree thinning and other treatments helped prevent the Pole Creek and Milli Fires from advancing into Sisters area subdivisions.

Deschutes County needs new leadership. Phil Chang understands how to protect our communities from wildfire and has worked locally for 16 years with multiple stakeholders to address barriers to fuels reduction measures. This November please join me and vote for Phil Chang.

—Adrian Jones Bend

Faith and my beliefs

As a woman of faith, I feel I must respond to Mel Stout’s recent letter in The Bulletin.

Congratulations, Mr. Stout. I agree with your statements regarding, “what I believe.” I must say I don’t consider myself a “liberal,” by any means; however I do ask myself, “what would Jesus do?” I feel he would state just what you did here.

I would further state, “Where is the accountability, honesty and empathy with our current administration? It seems to be shielded by an emphasis on self elevation not what’s best for democracy of America.

Mr. Stout you had my full attention in “sharing what I believe.” With God’s lead first then country, I too, believe in truth. Thanks for sharing.

—Suzanne Jackson, Prineville

Thanks library employees

I would like to compliment the Deschutes Public Library employees for how they have handled library usage with COVID-19 restrictions.

It has been wonderful to be able to order books online, be notified when the books are available and pick up books safely. I have not been in to browse yet, but look forward to that opportunity. I do miss volunteering and look forward to returning to my schedule.

Thank you DPL!

—Kathi Hayward, Redmond

Let’s not look like Los Angeles

Bravo to Julie Naslad for her letter of September 5: Don’t just build it because we can. I was also struck by the total incongruity of the two feature articles of a few days ago: one detailing the alarming dearth of water for irrigation, and the other detailing the newly approved 1,000 (!) home development with golf courses, to be sited between Bend and Redmond. We live in the desert, and we are trying to make something else of it.

Everywhere you look in Bend in its environs, there are cars and people. People are drawn to the area for its natural beauty and recreation opportunities. Have you tried kayaking or hiking lately? It’s great if you don’t mind going with a crowd. By aggressively marketing new homes, new golf courses, we are condemning ourselves to becoming just like where everyone is running from. And in the meantime, we are driving out small farmers and ranchers who cannot access adequate water for their crops and livestock.

Please can we all take a step back and reconsider who is making these decisions and if they’re the best decisions for the environment and for those of us who live here, including the diminishing number of wildlife?

Do we really want to look like L.A.?

—Suzanne Staples, Bend

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Our current commissions are far better and not a clone of Merkley.

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