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Life is not fair

I am so sick and tired of hearing Mr. Trump proclaim how unfairly he is being treated. To my knowledge there are no promises or guarantees that life will be fair. Many parents make an effort to teach their children that truth, and many people come to understand that truth through their life experiences. Fair or unfair doesn’t matter. How we respond to the circumstances at hand makes the difference.

Bonnie Snyder


Trump is right to put trade pressure on China

Is Trump’s trade war with China a good or bad thing? Aside from the partisan rhetoric on both sides, what are the 10 facts?

1. China’s manufacturing is the world’s leading producer of conventional pollution plus CO2. While CO2 in the USA is dramatically dropping, China’s is dramatically rising.

2. China has been stealing our military secrets for decades, without repercussion.

3. China pirates vast amounts of U.S. intellectual property, from CD’s and DVD’s to computer programs, without repercussion.

4. China manipulates its currency to gain an unfair advantage and was just designated again a currency manipulator.

5. By China lowering its wholesale prices, billions of American dollars flow there.

6. China uses slave/prison labor to build products it exports to the USA.

7. China has contracted with Google to monitor its population’s social networking, to ban and censor information the regime deems subversive and to punish citizens who aren’t communist enough. Every citizen has a PC score. If their score falls, they are banned from travel and job promotions.

8. China imprisons and executes political dissidents and harvests their organs for sale.

9. China is bullying its neighbors.

10. China is even cracking down on the civil rights of Hong Kong.

I urge you to buy American. And I urge you to support Trump’s trade reform efforts with China.

John Shepherd


Selection of right Bend superintendent is vital

Your Nov. 9 editorial was right on.

The selection of a school superintendent is probably the single most important action a board must make. This person must be a visionary and a true leader. He or she needs to be aware of the changing ethnic make-up of the Bend-La Pine School District.

Struggling graduation rates and test scores are a problem here. An executive search is well worth the money. And also importantly, public input is a must. There is a pool of talented thinkers in our community. Many are former teachers, administrators, business people, etc.

Last but not least is the importance of providing the very best educational experience for our students.

Richard Asadoorian


Get impeachment right

The press is not presenting the impeachment inquiry correctly. The House of Representatives is investigating the president to determine if presenting Articles of Impeachment to the Senate is appropriate at this time.

The House can only vote on presenting Articles of Impeachment for Senate consideration. These articles are defined as impeachment.

The actual trial to determine if the Articles of impeachment are accepted is held in the Senate.

Many Republicans are incensed that the President is not afforded the ability to confront his accusers, including the whistleblower.

Since the House inquiry is not a trial, confronting accusers is not part of the agenda.

In our legal system confronting accusers or background witnesses is generally not allowed until trial. The end result of the House effort might be a trial in the Senate.

It must be made plain that only the Senate can unseat a president.

The House is not removing the president, only seeking to create the background for a trial in the Senate if warranted.

Allen Wright


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