Information about masks is out there

Regarding Peter Tilton's letter urging The Bulletin to print more science instead of opinion on the efficacy of masks, I have a few thoughts. First, the information that Mr. Tilton seeks is readily available on the internet. For instance, see the following: www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210907/masks-limit-covid-spread-study. I have not looked but I am sure there are numerous other, smaller studies. Second, the Bulletin cannot print everything so readers need to think of availing themselves of other reliable sources. Third, Mr. Tilton excoriated the Bulletin for printing "people blowing off their opinions, however uninformed or biased."

Perhaps Mr. Tilton should consider that on this topic people supporting mask wearing should be open to the idea that these people are informed and their bias is well based on fact rather than uninformed opinion. Lastly on the mask topic itself while it is very hard to tease our the positive impact of masks from social distancing and a great reduction in individual interactions, it is very clear that the combination of all three had a massive and beneficial impact on the cold and flu season of 2020-2021. That suggests to me and others that masks likely had a large, positive impact on reducing respiratory diseases like the common cold, seasonal flu and the COVID virus.

— Robert Hackmann, Bend

Please don't mistreat store employees

We shop from time to time at Newport Avenue Market so we get their emails. They're fun and yes, they promote special deals. The latest one, however, is profoundly upsetting. Indeed, shocking. It details how store employees, complying with the state mask mandate, are being yelled at, called Nazis and even menaced by people openly carrying guns. A food market. Polite, friendly, hard working employees just doing their jobs in a store that has hosted thousands of high school car washes and contributed countless hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of charitable causes in our communities. A food market. So it's come to this. How unspeakably sad.

— Bruce Cummings, Bend

Protect Bend's natural environment

I am reminded of Stuart Udall's concept of the "myth of superabundance."

When the first settlements began on the East Coast, there were huge forests as far as the eye could see, millions of bison and passenger pigeons and abundant wildlife of all kinds. As settlers gradually moved West, they developed a mindset that there were unlimited natural resources to be developed and used. Over 200 years later, we still have the same mindset, but have either eliminated some of the aforementioned resources, or exploited them to their fullest potential.

Yet, our population continues to grow demanding more from our environment. Few, if any of our leaders face the fact that a rapidly growing population of humans is contributing to global warming, eliminating habitat for wildlife, and creating overuse for our natural areas. Witness the thousands crossing are borders illegally while our senators and the Biden Administration look the other way.

The economy always outweighs the environment when there is a choice between the two. Examine the goals of the city council and you will see little about protection of the environment. When pressed about growth, the reply will be the state makes us accommodate it. If the council members saw any problem with our growth, they would ask the state for permission to find ways to slow it.

I have lived in Bend for 76 years and have witnessed the continued development of former farms and natural areas. Eastern Oregon campsites are often crowded.

I wish I could assure your letter writers that people will respond concerns about our environment, but after 76 years, I am convinced only a minority of the public will become involved and the rest will take what they can and the heck with the future.

Witness how the steamroll development of the Steven's property in southeast Bend with scant thought about leaving it natural. Much is being sacrificed in the name of affordable housing and it is not solving the problem.

I would have hoped for a better life for our grandchildren.

— Neil Wilson, Bend

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I’m tired of explaining masks. It is not up to me to explain my solution to stemming the pandemic which is killing our fellow Oregonians, overwhelming our health care providers, and spreads like wildfire among unmasked, unvaccinated people. I ask those who are of a “different” opinion…..what is your solution to our pandemic problem? It is easy to carp, let’s raise the debate to two equally workable solutions.


It takes quite the amount of courage to berate a store employee while wearing a gun because you're requested to wear a mask for the health of all involved. I don't doubt the individual believes they're "a good guy with a gun" while they actually showed themselves to be "an A hole intimidating someone while wearing on".


Regarding Bruce Cummings’ remarks about bad behavior at Newport Market, I can personally attest I saw a man verbally abuse the cashier for the mask rule and the proceed to his pickup truck with a f&$k Biden flag on the back.

Transitory Inflation

Do NOT mess with the good folks at the market, people. We all have ignorances, no reason to publicly display them.

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