Hubbard for La Pine fire

I am running for re-election for director, Position 1, board of directors at La Pine Fire because my career in financial management has already helped the district improve its financial situation. Additionally, I have developed plans to proactively deal with the district’s future, and have worked diligently to improve the dialogue between board members, fire district personnel, and the public.

During my term I have helped the district by: facilitating the third board of directors development of a five-year strategic plan; preparing a long-term revenue and expense study; analyzing the district’s emergency medical services program resulting in increased revenue and community involvement in addressing La Pine’s need for 24/7 medical services; developing the long-range plan to improve facilities including the 2021 addition of additional restrooms at two stations; supporting the addition of new dorms for students at station 103; representing the district at various community events; attending fire district and board of director conferences resulting in new policies and actions to strengthen the district.

My previous experience in managing multimillion dollar budgets has given me the background to help the board and the fire chief move the district forward in a financially responsible way. With your vote I can continue to serve all of the fire district’s residents and guests through cost effective management of the district's resources.

— Jerry Hubbard, La Pine

Dauenhauer should debate publicly

A political mailing arrived from one of the “Gang of Four,” Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer. This is the group that has refused to meet with the Bulletin or to appear at the customary candidate forums in our community. This is both ironic and disturbing given they are running to represent us as school board members. The mailer endorses the other three ‘ghost’ candidates. Furthermore, it slings harsh accusations at her opponent. It’s like firing from the safety of a bunker, or acting like a sniper. Very strange, and I’m not sure how my name got on her mailing list. Like many others, I take a dim view of this negative campaigning and find it hard to vote in good faith for candidates who engage in it. What worries me more in this climate, where we are being made aware of the fragility of our democracy, is this attempt to run a covert campaign. If Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer has such strong feelings about her opponent, she should meet her in public. If she has such strong feelings about how the school district has acted in this unprecedented time of the COVID pandemic, please show up and debate that publicly. The behavior of the “Gang of Four” is both reprehensible and undemocratic.

— Robert Currie, Bend

Disappointed in the Bend City Council

I was disappointed but not surprised at the editorial in the Sunday paper regarding the Bend City Council leaning towards removing parking minimums. If you bothered to read the survey last week on this very subject, this flies in the face of reality and ignores what the citizens of Bend overwhelmingly are against. Just another example of this City Council ignoring their constituent’s for their narrow-minded agendas.

— Gardner Willams, Bend

Bend loses again
Recently, I like most others in Bend I'm sure, found out for the first time any real and detailed information about a plan to remove the present Pine Ridge Lodge and surrounding covering of natural trees and ground covering, situated above the dramatic bluffs and popular Deschutes River recreational area and along the busy Century Drive on Bend's west side.  The lack of any real attempts to adequately inform the public about such a major change to eliminate/alter yet another of Bend's natural attractions, is apparently already on the drawing board and advanced planning.  This poses major traffic concerns along the Century Drive retail area and the congested Reed Market road which borders the proposed development, along with the loss of another piece of Bend's natural attractions.  This proposed development would dramatically change the nature of biking, hiking, floating and just visually enjoying this break in retail creep that Bend is experiencing.  The city of Bend and the City Council must put any further action on this development on hold and then bring a meaningful public information campaign to us in order to get direction on this major change.
—Jack Godlove, Bend 

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