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Find a reasonable perspective

The unknown for the most part causes fear in people. If that unknown also threatens them and they have no control over it the instinct of survival kicks in. It's how we are hard wired as humans. In our culture sometimes our instincts go awry and hysteria can develop. Step back realize both psychological and instinctive parts of the brain are triggered and need to be calmed down. Be proactive, honor quarantines and cancellations, buy a reasonable amount of food and supplies.Those are things you do have control of. Doing them should calm you, if you allow it you'll get your perspective back and step out of hysteria.

— Debra Eberitzsch, Bend

Mendacious president

Mendacity is a feature that characterizes our president. The latest has to do with the virus that has taken over the world. In January and February, while reporters were referring to our current situation as becoming a pandemic, not dissimilar to that which occurred in 1918, the president denied it, saying that everything was under control and gave false hope by claiming all was going to be just fine, that soon there would be only one or two people in the U.S. that were sick. Now he avers that he knew it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.

Sadly, after three-plus years, we no longer find his lies to be shocking. We pass them off as just Trump being Trump. No one calls him out on it. His minions rush to the microphones to make corrections; “What he meant to say was...” We cannot rely on anything he says, whether it refers to the availability of the tests for COVID-19 or the quality of his administration’s handling of the crises.

The previous administration had established a pandemic response team which the Trump administration dismantled. When recently challenged regarding why he did this, he claimed to know nothing about it. One more example of him doing away with any program that was a credit to Obama. Had he retained that program we might have had a leg up on the current situation.

We absolutely must vote this mendacious president out of office. We need a president and an administration we can trust.

— J. Andrew Hamlin, Bend

Protect retirees

The impact of COVID-19 has obviously been horrendous and many people have been searching for solutions to those impacted including corporations, businesses and employees. However, in all of the hours of news I have read or heard there is no mention of RETIREES. Many of us are highly dependent on our 401-k's for our survival and the impact of the virus on those accounts has been tremendous. It would be nice if we were no longer overlooked in the search for solutions.

— Don Fellows, Bend

Help the needy

Soon, some or all of us may be receiving helpful checks from the government. Understandably, in order to act quickly, the government is sending the money with little selectivity as to need. While this money might feel like a windfall, it would be most beneficial if those of us who are able would donate the money to local groups or agencies who struggle to help the less fortunate. For example: Bend Food Project/The Giving Plate, Bethlehem Inn, Shepherd’s House, NeighborImpact, Salvation Army. There are dozens or hundreds more groups that we can help to help our neighbors in these difficult times.

— Randall Wagner, Bend

Walkout was disheartening

I am disheartened by the recent walkout on the Oregon legislature. This “get-out-of-town” card shows a total lack of respect for their peers, the people they serve and the representative form of government we are all very fortunate to have.

The definition of politics says it is the activities associated with the governance of a country or other areas, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. It seems to me that leaving the debate is not a political act. So what is it?

I looked up the definition of abdication. It is (in part) failure to fulfill a responsibility or duty or renouncing a position of authority. Our representative’s duty is to work with everyone at home and at the legislature to have their voices heard while listening with respect to others.

I looked up the meaning of desertion. It is the abandonment without consent or legal justification of a person, post or relationship and the associated duties and obligations.

I understand the issues that prompted the abdication and the desertion. What concerns me is they are not unique. Pleasing everyone is impossible, passing bills that are good for Oregon isn’t. If everyone participates knowing there is no “get-out-of-town” card they are more likely to work harder, across the aisles, to achieve what they were sent there to do — carry Oregon forward in a manner that protects its natural heritage and the people of this great State.

— Rick Craiger, Redmond

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