Brown is doing a great job

I believe that Gov. Kate Brown has done an outstanding job of leading Oregon through the COVID-19 pandemic during the past eight months. Contrary to what her critics may say the actions she has taken in the past to slow the spread of COVID-19 are both legal and necessary under the powers given to the governor.

Her actions now will help our state slow the extremely high virus infection rate in Oregon, prevent hospitals from exceeding their capacity, and undoubtedly save lives. Such things as wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding large crowds, especially indoors, are vital in controlling the spread of a virus. It is unfortunate that some people are either so self-centered or intellectually challenged that they must be ordered to do what is just plain common sense.

In addition, if Oregonians want to return to our normal way of life we all need to quit whining about our individual rights being violated and heed the advice of those who are experts in the field of contagious disease. Hopefully, a vaccine will be available in the near future but until it is we must continue to follow prescribed safety guidelines.

— Frank Barnes, Bend

Abuse of power

You may recall that when the lockdown was originally imposed in March, it was for four weeks. Now, eight months later, here we are. Does anyone actually believe that Kim Jong Kate (Brown) won’t find a way to keep this going as long as she sees fit? By the way, Article I, section 26 of the Oregon constitution reads, “No law shall be passed restraining any of the inhabitants of the State from assembling together in a peaceable manner to consult for their common good; nor from instructing their Representatives; nor from applying to the Legislature for redress of grievances.” Why has there not been much, much more of an effort to challenge the legality and constitutionality of her continued, unrestrained abuse of power?

— Brandon Ferris, Bend

Local journalism matters

Kyle Spurr's November 14 report, "Family Hopes Homeless Man's Death Inspires Change" demonstrates the great value of local journalism.
Spurr skillfully presents the facts about David Savory's death, giving Savory's family and friends a place to say what they must about this one man's tragedy.  Spurr's professional reporting confronts Bend and Central Oregon with issues we live with: providing safe shelter in an ever-tighter housing market, addressing income and wealth inequality, and helping people who struggle with substance abuse, including those who don't want help. 
To Mr. Savory's survivors:  Thanks for courageously and generously speaking the truth through your sorrow.  And thanks to Kyle Spurr and the Bulletin for this good reporting.
— Dorothy Leman, Bend
Trump lost

Mr. Trump's behavior upon losing the election was highly predictable. In his mind his adoration should have propelled him to a unanimous victory worthy of a military parade as fighter jets flew over while he looked toward the sky. But he lost. However, I don't believe for a minute that there was a vast conspiracy among Democrats to hijack the election. This is the party that has been described as herding cats, and a circular firing squad. Indeed, the Right has won elections with a united-we-stand stance, while the Democrats have been fractured by single issue obsessions with a failure to compromise. It's hard to believe the paranoia that the Democrats were that organized to pull off a massive conspiracy. I just don't buy it.

Mr. Trump lost, period. The majority has spoken and is evidently burned out on a 'my way or the highway' style of leadership. Frankly, I don't think either party serves us well when a hard left, or a hard right administration attempts to shove their agenda down our throats. If the Republicans take the Senate and Mitch McConnell continues his style of block anything and everything the Democrats come up with, it will be another long 4 years. If the parties can actually compromise without the drama, the nation would be far better off.

— Rob Smith, La Pine

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