Bad reporting

Read your article headlined “No link found between outbreaks, protest.” Quite frankly, I do not believe it because I have no faith in a “politically correct (PC) cancel culture” where if you don’t expose to the PC position you are cancelled in some way. I don’t believe those doing the reporting because they report to or get funded by the government/corporate ideology and a governor would cancel you or at least shame you into submission.

It is a sad state of affairs where ones “facts” depend upon who’s ideology you subscribe to. Protesting and rioting is not a higher right than any other human activity so there is no justification for allowing it when those of us want to live our lives and feel we can take care of ourselves without government treating us like dependent children.

— Ralph Shirtcliff, Redmond 

Nation has become more diverse

In his recent guest column, Jeff Eager repeats a common refrain from conservatives that the root of Democratic strength among college graduates is the exposure of students to the ‘radical left’ on campus. He states that “...bit workers, being overwhelmingly college-educated, have been exposed to the increasingly radical campus left in a way that many atom workers have not.” This is his only explanation of why the college-educated trend liberal, but the truth is much different.

One of the great benefits of attending college is the exposure that students get to those outside their geographic, ethnic, and income demographics. Most high school students have led relatively sheltered lives with minimal exposure to those outside a narrow demographic. The opportunity to live and speak with students and teachers from a broader background is one of the best reasons to attend college and is a fundamental aspect of a good education.

As Mr. Eager stated, the Republican Party once was “...the party of well-educated, well-off information workers”. Maybe what has really changed, as our nation has become more diverse, is the demographics of those who attend college, and that demographic change is what conservatives actually find objectionable.    

— Alex Anderson, Bend

Support those who helped us all

This is an end of year love letter to the nonprofits, faith groups, and volunteers in Central Oregon who have shepherded us through a difficult year. Too numerous to call out, they have provided a rich network of support, despite having to reach out virtually and operate under pandemic limitations. Hunger, housing, help with rent, advocacy for social justice and child welfare, concern for the health of our planet, are just a few of the ways they have moved us beyond the past four years of dismal national leadership. In Central Oregon we are blessed with caring and responsible people.

—Janet Whitney, Bend

Oregonians support you governor

Despite the harangues of a couple hundred uninformed, misguided, and radicalized protestors in Salem on Jan 1, I believe the overwhelming message to Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon public health authorities is that the vast majority of Oregonians support the measures taken to control the spread of COVID-19. Oregon’s rank as 45th among the 50 states in terms of infection rate is a testament to the success of state policies and the assumption of responsibility in the absence of national leadership.

But the continuation of this performance still depends on the acceptance of proven and medically unanimous procedures enacted by the state. Such procedures, even though mandated, are not 100% enforceable, but we only need review examples where they are either not in place, or have been neglected, to observe soaring contagion, overwhelmed hospital facilities, and rapidly increasing mortality. Most of us do not want that for Oregon.

No system is perfect and business should work with public health services to discover ways to innovate and safely continue their activities. The media reports almost daily examples of these occurrences.

Importantly, this is not a basis for political divide. This is not about Constitutional rights, or the last election. It is about is about defeating the pandemic. We have the knowledge of the methods required to best contain the virus and now the vaccines to suppress it. With some patience and a level of trust there is a rational way forward.

— Donald Fisher, Powell Butte


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