It is now the city of Bend. The officers chosen at the election on Dec. 19 have until Jan. 10 to take their respective oaths and enter up on discharge of their duties. It will require careful attention and good business judgment to organize the new town properly, but when organized right its affairs ought to proceed with little friction.


With more than $100,000 in new buildings in the past year, and much less than a year of building activity at that, and with the promise of much greater activity for the coming year, the Bend locality may be said to be making progress fast enough for anybody.


The report of the statistician of the department of agriculture is good reading for the pessimists. Over 92,000,000 acres of corn worth more than $1,000,000,000; 44,000,000 acres of hay worth $529,000,000; 28,000,000 acres of oats worth $290,000,000, and 3,000,000 acres of potatoes worth $150,000,000 are some of the items testifying to the successful industry of the farmers. And there is nothing wrong with the prosperity that has such a basis.


If John Hipple, who abandoned a family in Pittsburgh 40 years ago, came to Oregon, added Mitchell to his name and went into politics, will pardon our interests in the matter we will suggest that the time is ripe for him to move again, to a place where grand juries are unknown, and take still another name.

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally appeared in what was then called The Bend Bulletin on Jan. 6, 1905.

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