Editor’s note: Most of the following editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Feb. 17, 1905. The last one appeared on Feb. 24, 1905.

The people of Bend are now beginning to take notice of municipal affairs.

The public is entitled to attend all council meetings and it should familiarize itself with the methods and achievements of that body. Get information at first hand and don’t take in so many absurd reports and have so many dark suspicions.

There are the announcements that mean something to Bend — “You won’t have to send away for merchandise,” etc. When we get to supplying our own needs we get strong. This, carried through all the branches of production and trade, will make Bend a great city before long.

…So the Prineville Review was right, after all, in jumping to the conclusion that Representative Williamson was guilty of complicity in the land frauds. But it needn’t have been so brutally previous with it. It ill befits the home paper to cast the first stone, particularly the paper owned by the defendant.

Crook county have been particularly unfortunate in the matter of United States commissioners. Two years ago, it had half a dozen of these functionaries. Two were summarily removed by Judge Belfinger, two more have been required to answer charges in court, one is dead and one is left the country. Now but two commissioners are left, neither of the county seat.

Before the ink on the Oregon legislature’s resolution endorsing Mitchell was dry his partner was making a confession that fixed guilt up the the senator unmistakably, and the senator even before that had sent a letter that was the most damning confession he could make. Mark Twain would doubtless proposed for the Oregon legislature a monument of jackass’s skills as high as a Strasburg steeple.

Talk about the weather — did you ever see anywhere a finer brand than we are now enjoying? Frost has gone from the soil and farmers are turning “the stubborn glebe,” the birds are caroling their prettiest, sunny days and moony nights entice you out of doors. All of which makes one glad to be alive.

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