The city council finally decided it could not outlaw the Fourth of July by preventing fireworks. But the police will be instructed to keep fireworks of all kinds away from sidewalks and buildings as much as possible, and willful violation of the admonition of the police will be regarded as a breach of the peace.

Pay your dog license and be happy; also save the sagacious beast a season of unhappiness.

The days are getting shorter: contrariwise, the nights are getting longer.

The railroad men have come and gone and left no definite announcement of plans. And yet it is not difficult to read that present plans contemplate immediate extension of the Columbia Southern railroad to some point on the wheat-producing Agency Plains, probably Madras, with the next step to Bend, probably next season.

We say such are the plans now evidently in contemplation. At the same time these impressive incursions to the interior have come to be the means frequently employed to hush the clamor for transportation facilities and we must not be fooled by them. These neighborly visits are all right, we’re glad to have them. But they won’t quite take the place of real railroads. …

The railroads expect to reap in Central Oregon without sowing anything themselves. And they are not satisfied even with a sure thing. …Have we fallen in a time when railroads have ceased to be developing agencies and have become merely agencies for relieving ripened communities of wealth that distresses them?

The following editorials originally appeared in what was then called The Bend Bulletin on June 30, 1905.

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