Jail Cell Bars Cast Shadows

The active demand here for laborers and the remoteness of this field from the world’s beaten paths tend to draw characters not in all cases to be desired. It behooves citizens to be on watch for dangerous manifestations and to see that law is respected in the community. For this purpose every man is a peace officer. In this connection it might be pointed out that Bend ought to have a place for the safe keeping of prisoners and the suggestion that the county supply steel cages for such an institution if Bend provides the building, ought to receive serious considerations.


The Bend mail schedule is restored to sanity by orders issued by Assistant Superintendent Vaille this week. Mr. Vaille writes The Bulletin that it was not designed to change the hours of schedule when the increased service to Silver Lake was inaugurated but that the mistake occurred through confusion of orders. He did not know of it until The Bulletin’s statement of the case reached him, when he took immediate steps to correct the trouble. Since Prineville disavows any design to despoil the service in the interest of its hotels and the tangle is all brought straight by the new official orders, Bend has no desire to harbor a grudge and drops the matter without impugning anybody’s motives. All’s well that end’s well.


That’s a corking good word Leslie Scott has introduced into the Portland Oregonian’s vocabulary — “eftsoons.” Now if he will kill the fellow that passes “forecasted” he can have his crown on demand.


This is the season of the year when the temper stalks abroad in the land in the form of new offerings in books. The attractions this year are varied and unusually enticing and publishers are likely to reap well. But money spent for books will do little harm and a great deal of good. If the human animal must give way to craze of one sort or another the book craze is distinctly to be commended.


Why do so many people persist in the barbarism of “experimental farm” or “experimental station?” It is “experiment” farm or station, as the case may be. There is nothing experimental about the farm, though there may be about its work. It is a place to experiment with plants, method of tillage, etc. “Experimental” is a larger mouthful but “experiment” is the proper adjective to apply to a place where experiments are conducted.

Editor’s note: The following editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Nov. 18, 1904. The last three are from Nov. 25, 1904.

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